Functional Furniture Ideas for Effective Home-Office Set Up

Juliet D'cruz

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Working from home comes with its benefits and foe. Usually, we are not equipped with the right sort of furniture to work comfortably from the limits of our home and end up with a lot of physical and mental discomfort. Having a dedicated area in your house will help you reduce the distraction during work and focus on the task at hand. Let’s look at some functional furniture that you might want to include in your space to make it more office-friendly.

  1. A Proper Office Desk and Chair: The most important part of home-office setup is the need to invest in a functional office desk and a proper, adjustable office chair, for the sheer fact that you would be spending close to nine hours or more sitting and working. Find a quiet corner in your house to make this setting. Place the desk against the wall, to avoid any distractions during your video calls and meets. With everything available on the internet, you can browse through innumerable designs of all sorts of furniture like TV cabinet design or office chairs and desks. You can compare the office chair price from different retailers to grab the best deal online. 
  2. All-Purpose Storage Cupboard: We often deal with a lot of paperwork in our jobs. We have innumerable files, papers, books to etc. Don’t let this clutter your workstation. You already have a system or a laptop sitting on the desk with a printer, so it’s a good idea to get a small storage cupboard that can hold all your important files and stationery in place and make your room look more organized. You can also store your headphones, speakers, or some wires in this cupboard, preventing them from laying around and getting tangled with each other. 
  3. Table Lamp: If your workstation area doesn’t have sufficient natural light, then adding a table lamp to your desk will be beneficial. You can use the table lamp to create extra light to focus on your face during video calling for clear video. It goes without saying that when you are work late at night, a table lamp is a must on your desk to avoid straining your eyes. 
  4. Poufs: Yes your read that right, placing a pouf close by your workstation is helpful whenever you want to stretch out those legs to relax. You can even take a coffee break, grab a book and sit on the pouf to unwind for a while.
  5. Make-Shift Office Desk: If you don’t have the space to place an office desk, don’t worry you can use your dining table as a make-shift office desk. All you need would be a good office chair to get started. 

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Along with the above-mentioned essential furniture addition, make sure that your home office set up is cleaned every day and has bright décor to make the room look lively. Placing small potted plants on your desk is also a great way to make you feel positive while you work those long hours from home. 

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