Explore the Latest Orthodontic Options for Adults

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Explore the Latest Orthodontic Options for Adults

The field of orthodontics has evolved dramatically over the years and has become increasingly popular among adults who are looking to improve their dental health and appearance. Orthodontic treatments are no longer just for children, and adults of all ages can benefit from these treatments. In this article, we will discuss the causes of adult orthodontic treatment, the benefits, different types of orthodontic treatments available, costs and insurance coverage, and the risks and complications associated with these treatments.

Causes of Orthodontic Treatment in Adults

Orthodontic treatment for adults has become increasingly common, and there are many reasons why adults opt for these treatments. One of the most common causes of adult orthodontic treatment is crowding or shifting of teeth due to growth or changes in the jawbone. As we age, our teeth can become crowded due to changes in our jaw size or shape, tooth decay, or loss. This can lead to difficulty brushing and flossing effectively, resulting in an increased risk of dental disease. Orthodontics can help fix these problems by realigning crooked teeth into their proper positions, making them easier to maintain with regular brushing and flossing habits.

Another cause of adult orthodontics is a bad bite (malocclusion), which can be caused by genetics or poor oral hygiene habits established during childhood years that were not corrected at an early age. A bad bite can cause problems with eating, and speech, and can even lead to temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

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Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment in Adults

Orthodontic treatment offers a variety of benefits to adults. One of the primary benefits is an improved appearance. Orthodontics can help achieve a beautiful smile by straightening crooked or overcrowded teeth, resulting in a more symmetrical appearance that can have an immediate impact on self-esteem and confidence levels.

Orthodontic treatment also improves oral health. Straightening teeth makes them easier to clean, reducing plaque accumulation, which helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease. This means fewer trips to the dentist for fillings or gum surgery down the road. Orthodontics can also improve functionality by realigning the bite and reducing jaw pain or TMJ symptoms caused by crooked or misaligned teeth.

Different Types of Orthodontic Treatments for Adults

There are a variety of different types of orthodontic treatments available to adults, which can help correct crooked, overcrowded, or gapped teeth and improve overall facial appearance. The most common type of orthodontic treatment for adults is braces. Braces consist of metal brackets attached to the front surfaces of teeth and connected by an archwire that applies pressure to move teeth into their desired position over time. Traditional metal braces have been joined by ceramic braces that use clear or tooth-coloured brackets, making them blend in better with natural tooth colour, and lingual braces that attach to the backside surfaces of teeth, making them virtually invisible. Invisalign® aligners are also a popular option, consisting of a series of clear removable plastic trays that fit over teeth like a retainer, gradually shifting teeth into their desired position.

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Cost and Insurance Coverage for Adult Orthodontics

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, adult patients often have a lot of questions about cost and insurance coverage. Orthodontics can be quite expensive, and many adults are concerned about how much their treatment will cost. The good news is that, with the right insurance coverage in place, adult orthodontic treatment can be made much more affordable.