Effective Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Juliet D'cruz

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No doubt, you had already heard about the growing popularity of Instagram among users, businesses, and brands nowadays. Most probably, after seeing its popularity, you also started an Instagram account. But, similar to other users, you may be also struggling to find followers.

Just like any new account, it can take huge time to gain more followers on Instagram and grow your engagement among the masses. But, now you can easily grow on Instagram with GetInsta and gain massive followers quickly. 

Within the last few years, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, and together with massive users, it also attracts top businesses and brands on the platform. With the massive following on Instagram, businesses or brands can easily promote their services or products and users can use their massive following to earn money by turning Instagram influencers. In simple words, Instagram now turns into an online marketplace. 

Here, in this blog, we will discuss 5 effective ways which help you in gaining more followers on Instagram and also encourage you to effectively use this platform to grow your audience as well as an online presence. 

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Promote Your Instagram Account

You need to tell others about your presence on Instagram because if no one knows you are active on this platform then how you can expect to follow from them. That’s why it is important for you to advertise or promote your account on different social media platforms.

You can use your audience of Facebook to increase your followers’ count on Instagram because almost 35% of your Facebook friends must have a presence on Instagram. You can also attach the link of your Instagram to other social media accounts and tell others about your presence on the platform. In this way, you can easily gain free Instagram followers.

Use Popular as well as Quality Hashtags

 Hashtags are the most amazing thing on social media platforms and we can’t neglect the importance of hashtags in boosting your Instagram presence. With the use of proper hashtags, you can significantly enhance the reach of your published posts. Also, the use of perfect and relevant hashtags will help you in gaining more followers as well as likes. 

But, make sure, you are integrating relevant hashtags with your content to gain a targeted audience and desired results. To get relevant and popular hashtags, you can visit the GetInsta site. Simply, you can also use popular hashtags like #instafollow, #followback, #likeforlike, etc. to gain free Instagram likes and followers. 

Post More and Regularly on Instagram

If you are not investing time and effort in your Instagram account then you can’t get the desired result. Continuity is the major factor behind the growth on Instagram. That’s why try to post regularly as well as more (at least once a day) to get optimum results. The more often you publish anything on Instagram, the more chances you effectively engage maximum with you. 

You can use Instagram Post Scheduler to schedule your posts for the next few days. In this way, even if you forget to post, the post scheduler automatically posts on time. 

Follow Others on Instagram

One of the best ways to gain more followers on Instagram is engaging with others and for it; you can follow and like the posts of random users. In a survey, it was found that for every 100 likes on the random user, you will receive around 24 likes on your posts as well as around 7 Instagram followers. 

In starting you don’t need to worry about having too many following counts because once you receive a significant number of followers, you can filter out some users. Using this strategy, you can easily acquire free Instagram followers within a limited time. 


You need to spend effort in starting to receive a significant number of followers. Try different strategies of gaining followers and bring your account in eyes of the mass audience. Make sure, you are sharing attractive photos to get the quick attention of others. 

We hope, the above-discussed techniques will help you in generating an effective number of followers. For any further queries, you can contact GetInsta

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