Does Collagen Powder Work? 4 Benefits You Need to Know About

Juliet D'cruz

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Does Collagen Powder Work? 4 Benefits You Need to Know About

Finding the right tools to help you reach your health and fitness goals can sometimes feel a little confusing. To the good, there have never been more options and ways for people to get out there and start pursuing their health journey. To the bad, sometimes the sheer volume of these options can seem a little overwhelming. 

One of the most important aspects of anyone’s health and fitness journey is finding out what works best to help them. Every person has a unique body that processes nutrition and interacts with certain activities like eating, sleeping, and exercise differently. The biggest problem when it comes to finding what works best is just the sheer scope of possibilities. Everywhere you look it seems like there are countless brands, celebrities, and influencers trying to tell you what to do. 

While this might be overwhelming, the benefit of doing your research and finding those tools that help you toward your goals is well worth it. One supplement that has been getting a lot of buzz-word activity lately, is collagen. 

Collagen has always been a vital part of the human biological makeup and has recently become a very popular supplement. If you have been wondering why collagen powder is so popular and what it could do for you, here are four benefits of collagen you need to know!  

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1. Collagen Helps Your Joints

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, making up roughly one-third of your entire protein composition. With such a strong presence naturally occurring in the body it’s obvious that this protein is vital for a lot of processes. One of the main functions of collagen is that it is integral to the composition of ligaments, tendons, and joints. 

Without the aid of collagen joint movement would be very difficult. While collagen has a lot of other vital uses in the body, this is one of the most important. As humans age, their collagen production naturally decreases and a lot of ‘age-related’ conditions can be tracked down to a lack of collagen. One of them being joint pain and discomfort. 

As the body naturally develops less and less collagen, people began to have those universal experiences of joint stiffness or discomfort. Collagen powder can work in powerful ways to help supplement your body’s natural need for collagen and help support your joint health in noticeable ways. This supplement is also great for recovering from exercise, as it helps joints no matter what age you are. 

2. Muscle Growth

Collagen powder as a supplement is something that can help increase the viability of your muscle growth and give you more strength and stamina at the gym. This is possible because collagen is made up of proteins that can be used to synthesize creatine, which helps to power muscles. 

Collagen powder can have a really positive impact on your muscle growth and strength, however, it shouldn’t be thought of as protein powder. Protein powder is a supplement that is used to help you build bigger muscles as it takes protein to actually put on more mass. Without protein, your muscles wouldn’t be able to physically grow the way they are meant to. Collagen powder helps to increase the amount of strength you feel during a workout and supplies your muscles with the right precursors for creatine. With a strong workout performance and proper protein intake, you can see improved muscle growth with collagen. 

3. Skin Health

Collagen is famously known for helping to promote skin health thanks to the fact that it is a supportive protein. This particular protein helps strengthen the connection between skin cells which can result in smoother, more healthy-looking skin. As people age, wrinkles naturally develop, and depreciating levels of collagen is thought to be a contributing factor. 

By supplementing with collagen powder, you can help give your skin the boost it needs to fight wrinkles and stay strong and healthy. The collagen protein plays a huge role in helping to fortify your skin by strengthening it’s elasticity and hydration. This is one of the main reasons that collagen is a favorite ingredient in many organic skin care products. 

4. Collagen Helps Digestion and Can Impact Weight Loss

Another huge benefit of collagen is that it naturally aids in digestion. This protein is an important part of the digestive system as it can help not only regulate and aid digestion but even repair the lining of the gut. As people age, their digestion typically slows down, and this could be impacted by the depreciation of collagen production.

Supplemental collagen has been thought to help increase the rate of metabolism, which can help to impact a person’s weight loss journey. Collagen can also help to regulate satiety which can help people control the amount that they consume. 

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