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Traveling into London is no small task, as it requires some preparation to make sure all of your business is in order. Let alone whether you’ll be able to hit up all of the architecturally beautiful sights or eat all of the wonderful food that you’ve heard so much about. 

Are you even going to have a good time visiting the city if you have to be weighed down by keeping your bags with you the entire time? Or, are there any inexpensive options for storing your luggage without having to travel further into the city than you meant to? Are you going to have to consider renting out a room just to keep your bags safe?

Ideally, you wouldn’t have to worry about any of this while you’re taking a trip into the historically- and culturally-rich city. Here are some of the best ways to find good luggage storage in Euston Station.

1. Consider Keeping Your Bags With You

It’s certainly a less than ideal situation, but it may be effective if you’re aiming on keeping costs down as much as possible while you’re traveling. If you remember to keep your bags within your sights and within an arm’s reach, you just might be golden.

However, it’s also completely understandable that you might feel this is more trouble than it’s worth. Surely, there must be better luggage storage in Euston Station than this.

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2. Try Reserving Some Storage Space

Unfortunately, Euston Station doesn’t appear to offer its own luggage storage on site. But that doesn’t mean that you need to go far in order to find some sort of luggage storage in Euston Station. In fact, there are some companies that offer storage for your luggage for some nominal prices.

Some of these companies are in the position to offer you this service from within Euston Station, meaning you won’t have to travel off-site and further into the city if you aren’t interested in that. That way, you can also maximize your travel and sightseeing time while you’re in London.

Especially if you’re in the city for the very first time, finding a way to store your luggage safely without having to carry it around the city will be extremely helpful. You’ll be able to keep your wits about you while you take in the culture and the architectural wonders, and you won’t have to worry about keeping your luggage with you at every second turn.

3. Be Careful with Uncertified Safes and Lockers

Again, luggage storage in Euston Station doesn’t really exist except for third party companies providing storage services. If you see safes or lockers in Euston Station, make sure that you can identify a company providing them for rent.

If you see other forms of storage aside from these third party companies, make sure that there is significant history and reviews of the storage in the area before deciding to trust your belongings there. They likely aren’t certified and may not be trustworthy.

Additionally, because these areas are likely to be unguarded and are probably not as tamper resistant as you would like, it’s advisable that you watch out for potential scams.

4. Use Locks and Tamper-Proof Luggage

While luggage is unlikely to be 100% tamper-proof, tamper-resistant luggage does exist. Whether you decide to reserve space for your luggage or you decide to keep your bags with you, this can add an additional layer of security between your belongings and the outside world full of potentially greedy hands.

Additionally, tamper-resistant luggage should be paired with the appropriate size and type of luggage locks, with at least one set of locks for every outside-accessible pocket on each of your bags. Again, whether you’re keeping your bags with you or not, you’re adding an extra layer of protection with these extra security precautions.

However, the extra powers of these security measures are especially prevalent when paired with certified and trustworthy luggage storage in Euston Station. Not only will others be unlikely to run away with your belongings, but even those who have partial access to your baggage will be significantly less likely to access your items and remove your valuables.

5. Look into Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is powerful in that it can help you recover the monetary value of your lost items. In the same way that health insurance helps you cover some unintentional costs related to your healthcare, or that property insurance can help you get reimbursed for damaged property in certain circumstances, travel insurance can be extremely helpful.

While the loss of family heirlooms and personal, unique items cannot be easily taken care of, you’re still able to take it easy in terms of concerns related to any monetary losses if you have travel insurance.

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