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As the author Brian Solis says that attention is a very precious commodity, it does hold when it comes to digital signage that is being considered engaging the audience. When people are passing by a business’s facility, and their attention is grabbed by a popping digital signage, they will not forget it. They will rather, slow down a bit and take a closer look at it, giving it more of their attention, which they clearly could have given to something else. They are now invested in signage; this is exactly what good signage can do for a business or a brand.

There are plenty of digital signage that are robust, big and bright, but if the business does not understand the importance of audience engagement, then that sign goes for a toss. Great businesses have mastered this trick for sure, which is why their brand names are always at the tip of the tongue of every consumer of the brands.

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Tricks to get the consumer focus:

Getting up digital signage is not that hard, there are so many great service providers who help design and understand the brand very well to be able to come up with signage that will keep the folks engaged. What the pain point is for the businesses to fully understand the trick of the trade to keep customers engaged. Following are a few tips to help businesses come up with great ideas:

  • Come up with something new: There is a lot of competition everywhere, new and upcoming talent can be found right around the block. It is completely up to the business team to decide how often they wish to revamp the entire signage and brand ideas. People today need to see new things; they crave new visuals and information.
  • Keep changing layouts: If the signage is within a frame concept, then it is advised to keep things moving, constantly keep changing the layout of things. It might look like a new design to a consumer, but truly, it is just re-arranging the information in the frame.
  • Invest in new technology: Today, with the existence of smart retail technology solutions, there are opportunities to enhance the customer experience and optimize operations at the point of sale in retail environments. You can implement your digital signage as a touchable navigation solution using Powerpoint to create and design interactive touchscreen presentation content. Leveraging interactive touchscreen software enhances the user experience, allowing for dynamic engagement and effective communication. These signages are a great way to keep consumer focus, and they will learn more about the product for sale as well as the brand. In restaurant drive-thrus, for instance, using digital menu boards will not only give an excellent visual of the food that the restaurant is selling but is also a great way to improve customer engagement. Digital drive thru menu boards can even be programmed to include partner advertising. Focusing on the customer experience will certainly benefit the business. It might look like a lot for capital cost, but there will be a turnover for sure.
  • Content that auto-updates: Many messages can be set up once, such that it automatically keeps changing from the screen. This will most certainly help the marketing and branding team, as they will have to brainstorm and come up with creatives that are one time, and then apply them into ground reality. Once those creatives are up, the banners keep changing periodically


It is really best to invest in these signages now. Find the most suitable service provider who is willing to sit down and discuss the brand ideas and the vision and help come up with some cool signage to draw the consumer. If the signage does not capture the attention of the consumer, then what is it even there for? That is exactly why time, money and energy is invested in it, to be able to deliver something that will profit the business, and keep the brand identity in the mind and hearts of the consumer.

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