CPQ Salesforce: Software to Promote Your Business

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CPQ Salesforce: Software to Promote Your Business

Coherence is essential to managing your business competently. This applies to absolutely all processes, from communicating with the customer to delivering goods/services. To speed up the work of sales representatives and other company employees, you can use CPQ Salesforce. High-quality and reliable software will enable you to improve your business and increase the profitability of your commercial activities.

What CPQ Salesforce is and How It Operates

CPQ software is the perfect solution for business. With the help of modern technology, your company’s sales representatives can view up-to-date data on customers and potential buyers, look for opportunities to launch new sales markets, and automate internal pricing.

The main functions of the software are reflected in its name. CPQ stands for configure, price, quote. Each element indicates what will be provided to the user. Let us take a closer look:

  • Configure (C). This component establishes a baseline for pricing, taking into account individual packages. This enables sales representatives to instantly review the information and provide the customer with an accurate price. The advantage is that the need for manual data entry is reduced;
  • Price (P). With this software component, sales representatives can select the price of specific products. You can also set the price for specific accounts, and bulk quantities;
  • Quote(Q). This component helps to make adjustments for both sales representatives and customers. If the latter are not satisfied with the cost, delivery time, and other parameters, they can indicate their point of view. In this case, the document is approved by means of the Internet and electronic signatures, which significantly saves working time.

The CPQ solution will take your company to a new business level. It will affect all processes and improve the quality of customer service. As a result, customers who are delighted with the service provided will come back and recommend your company to their acquaintances and increase the profitability of the business.

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Why Do Businesses Choose CPQ?

The advantage of CPQ is that many processes are automated. Your employees have time to focus on more important tasks. Complex administrative functions are handled by the software, and it’s ideal for business development.

Increasing Price Accuracy

Preparing commercial offers is a time-consuming process. It is especially true for cases where it is necessary to provide a lot of commodity items, to take into account the current discounts, and other parameters. With the help of the software, all data is systematized automatically and provided in accordance with requests. If it is necessary to revise the offers, the information is updated instantly, which enables you to quickly provide the customer with new prices.

Ensuring Customer Focused Selling

The CPQ tool is not only used to generate price offers. Sales representatives can view information about customers and their inquiries. This enables them to understand how well the product or service fits the requirements. With this approach, there is no risk that the sales representative would add unnecessary parameters to the customer and thereby increase the price. Accordingly, the potential customer will be offered only what he asks for.

Making It Easier to Find New Markets

Customer and pricing information is a great way to understand how to reach additional markets and increase your profitability. Sales representatives will be able to analyze which offers are most effective. They will reveal whether customers need additional functionality or they are interested in goods in a standard configuration. In addition, the software will indicate the period when sales are most active.

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Transparency of Information

If the information about the customers and the goods is dispersed on several platforms and scattered in different tables, it is difficult to select prices in a timely and error-free manner. However, with CPQ, a single interface is formed that simplifies the workflow. The information is transparent, accurate, and up-to-date.

Pandadoc: Process Automation Software

As an alternative to CPQ Salesforce, take a look at Pandadoc. This reliable and modern software is designed to automate workflows. With its help, you will be able to implement the CPQ tool in your corporate software. This will reduce costs and save time on employee training. In addition, the software is available for use on computers and smartphones. You will be aware of all events. You can make decisions and provide up-to-date prices even outside the office.