Causes of Overheating in Laptops 

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Causes of Overheating in Laptops

The life of a laptop may shorten because of overheating and this is caused by several factors. If you just bought a laptop for yourself, you must first understand the causes of overheating and how to stop laptop from overheating. You should learn how to take care of your laptop and know the simplest and cheapest ways to keep your device working smoothly and without any hassle. By understanding the causes of overheating, you can also prolong the rigidity of its internal parts and extend the life of your laptop.

What are the Causes of Overheating in Laptops 

The air vents of your laptop are covered

Most laptops have air vents where the heat dissipates. The manufacturers of laptops specifically designed these laptops to have strategic holes in the body so that the heat generated from the operation of the unit will exit the interior. You can easily find the air vents of your laptop at the bottom and sides of the laptop. 

Overheating may happen if the air vents are covered. This occurs because of two factors. If you position your laptop in a way where the air vents are covered by the table or by certain materials like fabric or paper, you may find your laptop to increase in temperature. Another way to unconsciously cover the air vents is by not cleaning them at all. Dust and dirt may accumulate on the air vents. This may cause overheating inside the laptop.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that you put your laptop on a flat surface. You must also remove any material that may cover the air vents. Also, do regular cleaning and check-up of your air vents to ensure that no dust is covering the holes at the bottom of your laptop. 

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There are problems internally

Another cause of overheating is internal damage. Your laptop may be encountering problems with the battery, with the thermal paste, or with any internal part that causes your laptop to overheat. 

Question: how to stop laptop from overheating? If you do not see any problems with the air vents, you must then have the internal hardware checked by a professional. If you know a thing or two about laptops, you may attempt to fix them yourself. But if you do not have the know-how to repair the hardware, just send it to a reputable shop for troubleshooting. 

The external body is damaged

You should also inspect the body of your laptop to see if any damage on it is causing the temperature to rise up. Dents on the air vents may cause the heat to remain inside the body which can, in turn, cause the temperature to increase. 

To resolve this, you can send your laptop back to the manufacturer for a body replacement. This will ensure that the parts are certified and up to par with durability standards. 

You have a faulty laptop charger

If you notice that your laptop gets hotter when you charge it, you may be encountering a charging problem. This may be caused by a faulty battery that needs a replacement or a malfunctioning charger. An uncertified charger may be also causing the problem. 

To fix this, you may want to have your laptop battery checked. You can also check your current charger. If you are not using a company-certified charger, you may want to consider getting an original one for safety purposes. 

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There are many reasons why laptops overheat. The main cause of overheating is too much usage of the unit. This is very apparent, especially on old laptops that cannot sustain long periods of processor operation. It may also be caused by obsolete software, misusage of the laptop, and faulty internal parts. If you notice any abnormal operation of your laptop, you need to find ways how to stop laptop from overheating. You should do it quickly to keep your laptop working for a long time.