Can A Mushroom Picking Lorry Be Both Safe And Efficient?

Juliet D'cruz

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Work safety is paramount in every single field, including mushroom growing business. Every employer has the duty to ensure that their workers won’t have to take unnecessary risks and will have sufficient protection from harmful factors.

However, safety doesn’t guarantee good profits by itself – efficiency is key to high revenue. That’s why business owners often ask if it’s possible for a mushroom picking lorry, which is one of the most important pieces of equipment in every mushroom growing farm, to be both safe and efficient. Keep reading to find out!

Efficiency and safety are not mutually exclusive

It’s entirely possible for a mushroom picking lorry to be equipped both with features that ensure maximum efficiency, as well as ones that guarantee employee safety. However, not every lorry meets both of those conditions. Achieving optimal efficiency and full safety requires modern, innovative systems and ergonomic, thought-out design. Old and low-quality lorries may be less safe or less efficient due to outdated solutions.

For example, in older lorries, an employee had to turn a crank to move the platform. It was a slow and psychically draining task, that both lowered efficiency (since it took a lot of time) and safety (due to the fact that tired employees are more likely to make mistakes). In new, advanced lorries, such as the NEWTON model, the platform is moved automatically with a press of a button. It’s a simpler and faster method. It’s also very safe, since the drive belts which raise the platform, as well as the main frame, are extremely durable.

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What features should a safe and efficient lorry have?

If someone doesn’t have a lot of experience with choosing mushroom picking lorries, they may don’t know what features to look for to be sure that the lorry will be both safe and efficient. An example of a necessary safety feature is a sensitive stoppage system that will immediately stop the lorry when it detects the possibility of a collision with another object or person.

A manual stoppage is not reliable, since an employee may be distracted and notice the obstacle too late. Other than a stoppage system, heavy-duty wheels, non-slip platforms and railings are also a must.

 When it comes to efficiency, the aforementioned automatic platform movement is very important, as it saves a lot of time and effort compared to previous solutions. Optimal battery capacity is also worth paying attention to since the need for frequent charging would disorganise work and force unnecessary breaks. Thanks to optimal battery capacity, working the whole shift on one charge is not a problem.

If you want your employees to be as safe as possible and raise their productivity to ensure optimal efficiency, high-quality mushroom picking lorries are your best choice. They not only have advanced security features, such as a sensitive stoppage system but also make picking faster and easier thanks to the automatic movement of the platform, among other things. To be certain that a lorry is indeed of the highest quality, it’s best to acquire it from a proven supplier, such as GROWTIME.

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