Buying Guide: 4 Oris Watches to Consider for Your Collection

Juliet D'cruz

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If you’re planning on collecting exquisite timepieces or already building your collection but at the same time still looking out for exquisite timepieces, then it’s high time that you look at Oris watches. Oris has been around the watch-making industry even earlier than the famous Rolex. If you’re wondering if this timepiece holds any value other than being another watch around the block, then you have your answer with its rich horological history and its endless pursuit for creating one-of-a-kind watches. In 1904, Oris started in Holstein, Switzerland, and ever since then, it has enjoyed 100 years of uninterrupted journey to excellence. If you’re wondering what Oris watch models you should check out, we trimmed below the 5 Oris Watches every watch collector should have. 

  • The Big Crown Pointer

The first stop is the Big Crown Pointer. This watch is an homage to the 1938 model that was originally a pilot’s watch. Known for its oversized crown that is crucial for any aviator to handle and rotate, the Big crown Pointer also has an easy-to-read dial with a date function indicated by a red pointer. The dial is available in various colors, like burgundy, gray-taupe-military, blue, forestry green, and mint. The favored colors are the ones that nod back to the vintage era, one of which is the rich color of forestry green. With the white markings that contrast perfectly with the green, cathedral-style hands filled with lume and a bronze coined design bezel, it gives a melancholic feel for the timepiece. The watch is powered by an Oris Caliber 754, a modified Solita SW201 with 38 hours of power reserved. 

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2. Big Crown Pro Pilot X Caliber

This watch is not your typical skeletonized watch. With its monochrome gray look, it gives a futuristic and technical vibe. If you enjoy witnessing how winding the crown of your watch translates into the internal mechanism, then you’ll enjoy seeing the extended huge mainspring at 12 o’clock wind and how it hauls a full 10-day non-linear power reserve that is displayed at 3 o’clock. With this watch, any watch lover will find joy in seeing the inner workings of this timepiece. With skeletonized main plate and bridges that are matt grey, edges that are not chamfered nor beveled, you will feel the raw, natural state of this watch. Oris has done a fine job with not overcrowding the design and putting minimal touches, like the jet-turbine-inspired bezel. With an integrated bracelet and brushed three-link design that also stands at and flows seamlessly into the overall futuristic but minimal motif, this timepiece is a marvelous puzzle. Powered by its Caliber 115 which is one of Oris’ finest in-house movements, Oris Pro Pilot is nothing short of a humble brag for any watch enthusiast.

3. Oris Aquis Date

It was during 1965 that Oris released its first diver watch, and a reinvention of an iconic timepiece, the brand released Aquis Date but gave it a new contemporary look. With a porthole shape for its case, this ties in with the nautical theme established by the blue sunburst dial. With hour markers that are clean and organized that look perfectly the same, a shining black bezel, and its overall case shape, this wristwatch is smart but elegant in its design. It has a diameter of 43.5 millimeters and a lug to lug of 50 millimeters; it doesn’t appear too big because of the ingenious design of the lugs, as they curve down and transition to the links of the bracelet. Powered by an Oris Calibre 733, it has 38 hours of powered reserve that can be visible through its sapphire case back. 

4. Oris Divers 65

Originally released in 1965, and now resurfacing with a modern look but still encapsulating its vintage history, Oris Divers 65 is another watch to look out for. With its finely executed black dial, bronze bezel, and brown leather strap, you will certainly want to keep this time-telling device as it beautifully ages. Bronze, known for gaining patina as it ages, is a wonderful material to retain the character of any object, which is the goal of this vintage-inspired watch. With a 40 millimeter case, double-domed sapphire glass, and an anti-reflective coating inside, you will find that this watch is a stunning timepiece to look at. The Divers 65 also has applied indices and hour and minute hands, that are bronze plated and that have super lume. Matched with quality leather, any watch lover will find themselves in the far future, without an ounce of regret in including this timepiece in your collections. 

In Conclusion

Time and time again Oris has proven its capacity for innovation and reinvention, which is one of the reasons many watch aficionados are looking forward to its releases. A respected heritage in timekeeping, high regard for horology, and the resilient decision to remain independent and privately owned, Oris is no doubt a watch that every watch collector should own.

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