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Investment is the most important requirement in the current era. As the new development projects in Islamabad are taking place quickly, so there are plenty of investment opportunities in this city. Apart from that, the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan has transformed the development sector of Pakistan. The only reason behind overseas Pakistani investing in some projects in Pakistan is policies by the government. Islamabad, a federal city with a rapid pace of urbanization, makes it an attractive destination for investment. The cost of lands in Islamabad gives you a huge profit. Following are some attractive businesses that you can invest in Islamabad.

IT Business

Information Technology is the growing sector in Islamabad, and many IT companies have been established in the past few years. The government is already planning to establish an IT park in Islamabad with the cooperation of South Korea. So this sector would become the most profitable sector with rapid Digital Transformation, as per the government’s vision.

Stock Business

The stock business ranks among the most profitable business in Islamabad, as a stock exchange lies in the capital city. A lot of individuals earn a good amount due to the share that they buy. For instance, you purchase a stock of PKR 50, and after 3 hours, their worth would increase to PKR 100. So this means that you would earn a profit of PKR 1000. Similarly, if you buy 100000, then you would probably get PKR 10000 in return, which is a satisfactory sum in Pakistan,


Food Chain Permitting

The residents of Islamabad are lovers of food, especially Chinese, and other continental cuisines, i.e., Pastas, Burgers, or Tacos. Being a federal capital, it has residents belonging to diverse backgrounds with some foreign population. So, this location makes a credible investment destination for different food chains or innovative cafes.

Real Estate Business

Recent pro real estate policies by the government aim are to revolutionize the real estate sector. It is easy for real estate investors to purchase, rent, or construct any property for residential or commercial purposes. Apart from that, investors must not be concerned about funding, as the banks would now offer plenty of loans due to the new policies. It would be easy to purchase or construct a property with the loan on easy terms. Among all the housing societies, Kingdom Valley is the best choice to invest in Real Estate Business.

Kingdom Valley

Kingdom Valley is a housing project that is just near M2 Motorway. This project is envisioned by Kingdom Group, a prominent real estate firm notable for delivering successful projects with the satisfaction of investors.  


The location of this project is easily accessible from inside and outside of the city. The accessibility of residential colonies from the chief areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad has attracted numerous investors.  It is approachable from the following points.

  • A least driving distance of half-hour requires from International Islamabad Airport to reach the beautiful society of kingdom valley Islamabad.
  • M-2 Lahore-Islamabad motorway and Chakri Road are just a few minutes away from the residential colony.
  • Rawat-Chakbelli Road is just 25 minutes away.
  • Adiala Road lies at the driving distance of half-hour from Kingdom Valley.

The scenario of some landmarks away from kingdom valley is also brilliant in its significance. The emblem of the project is to make the vital zones of twin cities at a near distance from the project. The designers of this project are working day and night to cater to their potential investors. Following are some of the main reasons, which make this project an attractive investment.

Reasonable Price Plan

Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers reasonable rates with easy installment plans. The cost-effective prices of the properties in the project are among the most selling and smart features that appeal to potential investors for investing in huge numbers. The plots for sale in the housing society are now open for booking.

State of the Art Amenities

The Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers a complete set of modern amenities and services at cost-friendly rates. The facilities would be luxurious that could be mentioned as a whole residential society. The project developers have dedicated a huge area to establishing green areas such as parks or botanical gardens. Kingdom Valley is going to be a grand housing scheme without any doubt.

Approved Project

Kingdom Valley Islamabad has received a No Objection Certification (NOC) with a registration number of DRG/PHATA/2176-2021 under the pretext Government’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. Such projects, after their approval, have a huge potential of becoming successful after their timely construction and immediate delivery of properties to investors.


Among all the other industries, the real estate industry has the potential to generate income worth billions. The reasons mentioned in this article are evident enough for the investment in the Kingdom Valley project, a real estate business. It is the foremost duty of potential investors to evaluate critically and then invest in Kingdom Valley. Above all, investors need to verify all the required documents, and they should personally visit the site of their potential investment property. For more information, you may get in touch with Estate Land Marketing. Our team consists of consultants who would be happy to give you further advice about real estate investment.

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