Benefits of Live Classes in Online Courses 

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Benefits of Live Classes in Online Courses 

The advancements in science lead to the formation of a modern and digital world. Leaving behind the conventional methods of education, online courses are the new preference of all learners and educators. The online course platforms are becoming more and more competitive with each passing day.

 Therefore, only giving videos and recorded lectures for learning resources and course completion won’t work. To stand out from the crowd, and sell your online courses better, live streaming is a must. This helps teachers to provide students with effective academic services and learning experiences. Let us discuss the benefits of live classes in online courses. 

Benefits of live classes 

  1. Flexible

For physical classes, students face time constraints, travel issues, and more. However, live classes are quite convenient and flexible for teachers and learners. Students can connect with teachers virtually at the preferred time via computer screens. From anywhere and at any time, education can be imparted and received respectively. 

  1. Real-time interactions

However, by introducing live classes in online courses, this problem is solved. Students can connect with their fellow batchmates and teachers in real-time. One-on-one interactions help in better studies. By being a part of both verbal and nonverbal communication components, teaching and learning are both enhanced. Explore a wide range of online courses at Elektev to experience these benefits firsthand. 

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  1. A better understanding of the subjects

By only watching the videos, recorded lectures, and listening to the audio, students might face understanding issues. However, live classes are much more understandable for students. Listening to the teachers’ explanations live provides students with a better online learning experience. They can ask doubts, type the queries in the chat box and get them solved instantly. This improves the academic understanding of the students. Classes become more interactive and participative. 

  1. Enhance course selling

If your online course only offers learning via videos and recorded lecture plans, maybe not many students will be interested to buy it. As for learners, real-time instructor presence is quite important. However, when your online course gives the benefit of live classes, many students will be interested to join. This will help to reach out to a larger audience and form an effective learning community. For how to sell online courses effectively, live streaming is very helpful. 

  1. Instant feedback exchange

Live classes help students and teachers to exchange feedback instantly. Teachers based on class discussions and performance can tell students about their learning status and what more they should do to improve. Similarly, teachers can take feedback and suggestions from students on how effective they are finding the current teaching practices or what more they expect from the course. 

Teaching tips for live classes 

  • Use audio-visual tools to teach 

Understanding the applicative and theoretical topics from textbooks becomes difficult for students. Also, listening to the teachers reading out the textbook material is boring too. Therefore, teachers must use technology to teach. By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. 

  • Communicate with all students

In live classes, along with active speakers, there will also be some students who are not very vocal. To sell courses online better and conduct quality live sessions, make sure to communicate with all. Call out students by their names, and ask how much they are understanding to initiate interactions. Have general discussions too to make students feel comfortable and valued in the class. Ask them how the day is going, what is the plan after the class, how’s the weather, if today’s class topic is fun or tough, etc. 

  • Ensure practice and doubt resolution

To make online live classes effective, make sure to include practice time. Whatever topic is being taught, make students solve the questions, quizzes, and tests based on it. Also, for providing students with a clear academic understanding, doubt resolution is important. Ask students to press the hand raise option and let their doubts clear one by one. 


With the better flexibility, convenience, and comfort provided, online courses are increasing rapidly. To make online courses more effective, live streaming should be included. By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out the benefits of live classes in online courses. We also discussed a few tips that teachers can follow to teach effectively in online live sessions.  

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