Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Tests for Organisations

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Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Tests for Organisations

A scientist carrying out a drug and alcohol test

A drug and alcohol test is an examination or technical analysis of a person’s biological samples, including blood, urine, exhaled air, sweat, saliva, and hair to determine the presence of alcohol and other illegal substances. 

To ensure workspaces are void of shady workers, most companies require that prospective employees undergo a drug and alcohol test before they’re hired. Even with stellar qualifications, an individual failing this test (for example, blood samples testing positive for alcohol and other illegal substances like cocaine and opiates) screens them out of the hiring process. 

Note that most companies have made these tests mandatory for employed workers within their ranks.

Drug and alcohol tests utilised by numerous companies as a workplace risk assessment medium is advantageous as it ensures productivity within an organisation. 

This article takes a look at the notable benefits of drug and alcohol tests in the average organisation. 

Notable mentions include: 

#1 Safer and Healthier Workplace

The likelihood of a workplace accident rises if a worker ingests alcohol, cocaine, or marijuana. These mishaps can result in huge losses, injuries, and even fatalities. As such, your business may be exposed to liabilities and public relations problems if related incidents occur frequently. 

Besides regular workplace hazard assessment programs, testing prospective employees and actual staff for drug and alcohol intake increases workplace safety in your firm. It also encourages employees to lead healthier lifestyles. 

Integrating these evaluations is critical to workers executing tasks that involve handling harmful chemicals, operating large machinery, or driving trucks (as seen in the oil and gas, manufacturing, and construction industry). 

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#2 Better Productivity

To improve your organisation’s productivity, conduct functional capacity assessments often. These appraisals evaluate a person’s ability to carry out work-related tasks. 

Knowing their bosses are taking every precaution to keep everyone safe while at work will spur employees to work harder, leading to increased organisational productivity. Comprehensive workplace drug testing programs are also linked to improvements in job performance and employee satisfaction.

#3 Drug Users Are Screened Out During Pre-employment Testing 

Pre-employment medical is viewed as an unnecessary expense by some businesses. However, you’ll realise the worth of the activity when you consider the possible repercussions associated with having a drug user in your organisation. 

Since it might be difficult to ascertain a person’s connections with alcohol and other illegal substances when employed, consider conducting a medical assessment before hiring prospects.

#4 Stable and Reliable Workforce

Absenteeism is a prominent sign of alcohol and drug usage. Employees influenced by drugs or alcohol miss more work than their sober counterparts. 

Additionally, they might practice presenteeism, making them less productive upon arrival. So, while these individuals might show up for work, they’ll become preoccupied with unresolved personal matters, health challenges, or hangovers. 

Addicts who use drugs act a little more violently — especially those who use stimulants like cocaine or ice.

Multiple employees towing this route can be expensive and have a negative impact on a company’s reputation in various sectors. 

By conducting regular drug and alcohol tests, you’ll be able to weed out the “bad eggs” for a more reliable, efficient workforce. Additionally, it’ll be best to integrate a noise and dust monitoring program to ensure no work-related particulate reduces efficiency and productivity.

A drug and alcohol test laboratory

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Companies that advocate for workplace drug and alcohol tests are productive and safe in all ramifications. If you own a business, integrate a drug and alcohol testing program immediately.

With an active program in place, you’ll be able to evaluate your current personnel, and prospective hires based on their functional capabilities, mental health, and potential drug dependence. As such, your firm will be productive and generate positive revenues.