Beginner Tips For Studying Astrology

Charlotte Miller

Astrology is a complicated system based on the movements of celestial objects. While many people want to learn more about astrology, most do not know where to start. Getting a birth chart reading from a psychic astrologer can be one of the best ways to gain a basic understanding of astrology. Here are a few general tips to introduce beginners to key astrological concepts.

Practice With Many Charts

Every birth chart is unique. Start by getting a sense of the basic concepts referenced on birth charts, such as houses and the symbols used to indicate planets and signs. The next step toward understanding birth charts is to practice by reading a wide variety of charts.

Most beginners have no idea what birth charts mean when they start studying astrology.  By learning more about degrees and the different types of aspects, students of astrology can gradually gain a deeper understanding of the significance of the twelve houses and different placements.

Some divination methods require more or less practice. Someone who has a strong connection to source can provide automatic writing psychic readings without much study or preparation, but it is even possible to strengthen this intuitive connection and ability with practice. Extensive practice is necessary when studying a complex system of divination like astrology.

Work With An Astrology Teacher

Expert astrologers often devote years to the study of arcane concepts, birth charts and transits. While there are a number of helpful books on astrology written for beginners, there is no substitute for working directly with an astrology teacher. 

Reading a free horoscope and using a birth chart calculator can provide an introduction to some general astrological concepts. Getting an astrology psychic reading is one of the best ways to get deeper into the study of this system.

It is essential to go beyond personal placements to learn more about astrology. From calculating and analyzing birth charts for other people to studying the concepts that underlie the design of birth charts and the interpretation of transits, it is helpful to have access to a teacher who can answer questions and explain complex ideas.

Learn How To Track Transits

Many online resources offer information about the movements of celestial objects. Scientific articles also cover many of the same astronomical events interpreted by astrologers. Being aware of both scientific and mystical approaches can deepen a beginner’s understanding of astrology.

Unlike other divination methods, such as clairaudient psychic reading, astrology is based on observable, external phenomena. The positions of celestial objects are always changing, and some transits reoccur more frequently than others. Observing transits is an effective way to gain a deeper comprehension of the individual and social dimensions of astrology.

Books and websites can explain a lot of astrological concepts, but this divination system is very complex. Astrology involves advanced concepts and math, which means that it is easy to make errors. The best way to learn astrology is to connect with a teacher who can answer questions and check observations and interpretations until beginners have a clearer understanding of the principles of this cosmic system.