9 Reasons Why Corporate Housing is Popular Nowadays

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9 Reasons Why Corporate Housing is Popular Nowadays

Today, corporations are becoming increasingly aware of the need to provide employees with comfortable and convenient accommodations. Corporate housing can be a great solution for your company’s accommodation needs.

It provides temporary housing solutions, which can greatly assist people traveling frequently or needing to stay at various locations for work reasons.

Corporate housing is also known as corporate apartments or short-term rentals. It has become increasingly popular among many companies today because it offers a range of benefits that make it an attractive option. These benefits include long-term leased premises, quality accommodation at an affordable price, and an elevated level of security during your stay.

Reasons why corporate housing is popular nowadays:

  • Temporary Accommodation Arrangements 

Corporate housing service provides temporary housing arrangements for employees or guests in corporate-owned apartments, hotels, or motels. This temporary accommodation is for employees who are required to travel for work. It provides affordable mobile living options, thus limiting the constraints of traditional rented houses or apartments. 

Examples of people who may need temporary housing include:

  • Military veterans
  • Students attending college or university
  • People looking to relocate

Corporate housing also supports remote work, such as oilfield housing which allows employees to live more conveniently without having to commute long distances daily. Oil field workers are often sought after by companies that need help in the oil fields, and it is not surprising that many companies are offering this type of accommodation today. 

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  • Affordable and Cost-effective

The cost of living in corporate housing is quite affordable. You can get an exceptionally good deal on the rent if you know what to look for and how much to pay.

The cost of living is one of the principal factors when deciding where you want to live. It is common for employees who work at companies with benefits packages or high salaries to live outside their home base while commuting between work locations daily.

  • Convenient Location

Location is a key factor when deciding to rent a corporate housing unit. Location becomes a crucial consideration if you have children and want them to be close by or if you need access to public transportation. 

However, it is not always the most crucial factor in your decision. Some people prefer quiet suburbs or rural settings, while others would rather stay in major cities, where they can access several resources.

  • Safety and privacy

Corporate housing provides an ideal environment for people looking for safety and privacy. The apartments are in remote areas, far away from the city center. This way, you can feel safe and secure without worrying about being mugged or attacked by a stranger on the street.

Corporate housing also provides privacy because it is only accessible through a code you must provide before entering the building. The entrance doors are locked at night, so no one can enter your apartment unless they know the keywords.

  • Custom Options

Corporate housing is a worthwhile option for those who want to live in an apartment complex with amenities such as swimming pools, hot tubs, and gyms. 

Another notable feature that many corporate housing complexes have is customizable options. It means that if something does not suit your needs, you can easily get it changed anytime during your stay.

  • Spacious and Comfortable Living Areas

Apartment communities offer large bedrooms, spacious living rooms, fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms, and balconies. They also have patios or porches where you can breathe fresh air while enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning or reading a book at night.

Apartments are not just about comfort but also about affordability. They are cheaper than hotels because they do not come with all those charges, such as extra bedding fees or per diem charges for meals served by waitpersons. It makes apartments more affordable as they usually do not require advance payment beforehand.

  • Various Amenities

Whether you are traveling with a team of employees or need a place to freshen up, corporate housing offers various amenities like laundry services. Onsite laundry facilities are great for busy people who do not have time to go out and do their laundry, especially when they are working all day. Corporate housing provides this convenience so that you do not have to worry about leaving your dirty clothes lying around the apartment or having to pack them in boxes after returning home.

Having someone else manage the daily chores of cleaning and drying clothes can save valuable time that could otherwise be spent sleeping or enjoying life outside work. And this is another reason why organizations these days utilize corporate housing over hotel stays since such services aren’t charged separately. 

  • Insurance Coverage

While not all, many corporations provide insurance coverage for their corporate housing. It can be either an outright purchase or a contract provision requiring your company to maintain insurance on the rental property.

Insurance covers damage to the property caused by fire, natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes, vandalism, and theft. In addition to covering these events directly, it also protects against liability concerns after any loss occurs. And this could include lawsuits filed against you by tenants who are injured during their stay. 

  • Flexible Lease Terms

While staying at corporate housing, you can renew your lease for as long as you need. You do not have to sign a one-year contract or even two years. You can stay in the same unit until your lease expires, at which point you will be free to move to wherever else suits your needs best.

This factor alone suffices for individuals to pay heed to the numerous advantages of corporate housing. 


Corporate housing has several impressive benefits, making it an attractive option for many people. It provides temporary housing solutions and offers flexibility in living arrangements. Corporate housing can help you escape the rat race and enjoy life on your terms. You might even find yourself setting down roots at corporate housing or moving permanently into one of these places. Likewise, the availability of several amenities and customizable options gives corporate housing precedence over hotels and other accommodations. 

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