9 Portable Closet Ideas For Your Next Room Makeover

Juliet D'cruz

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Improving and renovating a room in your home has a lot of benefits. It gives you the time to see what needs to be redecorated and refurbished. It is also physically and mentally satisfying to see the improvements that you will make. Most importantly, it makes you appreciate that specific place in your home.

There’s something about a room makeover that makes us feel accomplished and satisfied, especially amid these unprecedented times. We’re over a year into the pandemic yet we still have to spend most of our time at home to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. For one, finding a purposeful hobby like doing a room makeover can make you feel at ease, giving you happiness and peace of mind despite everything that’s been going on. Now, to take your next home makeover up a notch, you may want to check out some portable closet ideas that will not just make your space look pretty but also more organized and neat-looking. Here are some ideas from Storables.com:

  • Portable Wardrobe Storage from YOUUD

This portable closet is perfect if you want to save space in your room. The Portable Wardrobe Storage from YOUUD has a dimension of 50″ Length, 17.7″ Width, and  66″ Height, which will surely give you enough space for your belongings. It is crafted with non-woven fabric with a zippered cover and a sturdy steel tube that will protect your garments from dust and keep them organized. 

  • Portable Closet from UDEAR

If you are looking for a storage cabinet with a cute design with a lot of stage spaces, you may consider the Portable Closet from UDEAR. This storage closet has two colors to choose from, beige and white, a very good choice to add to your kid’s room. Aside from its cute appearance, it has huge storage that comes with four shelves, three hanger sections, and two side pockets that can keep a lot of your stuff. You can also count on the materials used in crafting the cabinet since it’s all made with environmentally friendly soft fabrics.

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  • Extra- Wide Portable Closet from Whitmor

The Extra Wide Closet from Whitmor is made of sturdy steel and can hold up to 50 lbs of garments. The free-standing closet has an extra-wide storage space that can hold your clothes and protect them from dust, moisture, and bugs. It has a dimension of 19.5” Length, 60” Width, and 64” Height inches that will perfectly organize your everyday garments and keep them out of a mess.

  • Wardrobe Storage Closet from Abble

If you want a sturdy and durable option for a portable cabinet, you can check out the Wardrobe Storage Closet from Abble. It is made of strong and sturdy metal tubes that will surely give you a lifetime of storage space. It has a great dimension of 59″ Length, 19.7″ Width, and 63” Height and can hold up to 50 lbs of clothes and other stuff. In addition to that, it has a pure and simple design that can perfectly fit any room.

  • Portable Closet from DazHom

The Portable Closet from Dzhom has five small shelves and two big shelves for organizing your belongings. It is very lightweight and you have the option to put a cover or not. The storage closet is made of non-woven fabric that is waterproof and dustproof, an ideal storage cabinet that you can place in your bedroom.

  • Closet Racks by Homfa

The Closet Racks by Homfa has a simple yet very classy design that is perfect to place in your room. This storage cabinet is made from natural bamboo which is durable and easy to clean. The elegant storage rack can store clothes, bags, shoes, umbrellas, and even plants. It is very versatile as it can be used as a decoration or a storage space. All in all, it’s a good storage option made with eco-friendly material.

  • Portable Closet From Joisecope Megafuture

If you are looking for a versatile storage cabinet with a stylish and modern design, you may consider the Portable Closet from Joisecope Megafuture. It helps enhance the aesthetics of your room and gives out a contemporary touch. It is also ideal for your family as it was crafted with environmentally-friendly resins. The portable cabinet features two closet doors that can help you store and organize your clothes, bags, and shoes. Besides that, the fabric was lightweight and breathable.

  • Wardrobe Closet From Kousi

The Wardrobe Closet from Kousi is cube storage that is easy to assemble and has a great option for storage space. It has twelve cube storage wherein you can place your clothes, bags, shoes, books, and many others. The transparent closet will give you easy access to all your belongings, as you can easily see them outside. Each cube can hold up to 30 lbs of items and is sturdy enough to use for a lifetime.

  • Classics Closet from Seville

If you are looking for an extendable rack that can adjust to fit your room, you may want to check out the Classics Closet from Seville. It features two clothing racks and five shelves on both sides that can be adjusted according to the available space that you have. You can count on this storage cabinet as it was made with sturdy zinc plating that makes it rust-free. To sum it all, this will be a good option for an open closet if you want convenience and have a great deal of storage space.

Final Thoughts

Doing a room makeover can make us feel happy, confident, and overall content with our space and situation at home. It helps us forget all the uncertainties that we are now facing in this world. Getting a piece of furniture in your room will not only improve your room’s aesthetics but will also give you storage space to keep out your mess and stay organized. If you are looking for more portable closet ideas, you can go ahead and check out Storables.com.

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