7 Signs a Career in Social Work Is Perfect For You

Juliet D'cruz

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7 Signs a Career in Social Work Is Perfect For You

Social work is among the noblest professions out there. At its core, it focuses on improving people’s lives by offering them support. Such workers help people living in poverty by providing necessities like food and shelter. 

Moreover, this profession also helps develop social policies that reduce problems like unemployment. Workers also support people with disabilities and domestic issues. Over the years, there has been a general rise in social workers. Figures indicate that social work employment is expected to increase by 13% by 2029. 

If you want to pursue a career in social work, here are some signs that show how it is the perfect fit for you. 

1. You enjoy studying social sciences 

You were always inclined towards social sciences. It has always been your favorite subject. As a youngster, you were fascinated when your teacher discussed social issues. You always focused intently on the lectures. In addition, you loved spending time in the library studying extra books on social work. 

You found yourself talking about domestic issues with your peers. You have researched a lot about certain social issues, and you closely follow the news to remain updated. In other words, you always dreamt of becoming a social worker one day. 

If you have a passion for this subject and believe you can excel in it. It would be best if you got a bachelor’s degree in social work. Once you become a licensed social worker, you can pursue any social work specializations to become an expert in a particular study area. This will give you more room to do well for specific social issues. 

2. You have a lot of empathy 

You have always been excessively sensitive when it comes to people’s feelings. You can easily connect with people’s sentiments, perceptions, and wishes. Since a young age, you have been considered a helper and an advocate by everyone. 

For example, you often stood up for weak and vulnerable people. You stood up when a friend or a cousin was bullied by others. You have preferred other people’s needs over your own. It was easy for you to give up a particular wish to accommodate your loved ones. Moreover, you have no hesitation in getting out of your comfort zone to assist others. 

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3. You can be easily trusted 

Once you become a social worker, it is important to build trust. You will come across people from various social backgrounds. They may show some hesitation or reservation. It will be difficult for them to trust a stranger when it comes to their personal problems. 

However, if you have always been trustworthy, you won’t face problems winning your client’s trust. 

4. You are quite patient 

Patience is very important. If you have always been patient by nature, hardly become angry, and have a naturally gentle approach, this profession is the right fit for you. Social work requires a lot of patience and fortitude. 

You will come across all kinds of people with different problems. Some of them might bicker and complain a lot, while others may not cooperate at all. Their rants and excessively long tales must be endured. You will need a lot of strength to handle everything well without losing your temper.  

5. You are a Problem Solver 

Critical thinking is essential for social workers. If you have grown up solving problems from time to time, it will be easy for you to accommodate people in this profession. You will have cases where people will communicate about the lack of necessities and abuse. They will discuss fairly complex problems as well. 

Such issues must be analyzed thoroughly before a decision can be made.  You must be able to utilize your resources wisely to eradicate their problem. This may include traveling long distances, speaking with government officials, and dealing with paperwork. 

6. You embody sound values

Social work encompasses a lot of values. If you have been raised with sound values, this job will be a natural fit. These values include: 

  • Compassion 
  • Honesty
  • Generosity 
  • Courage 
  • Confidence 
  • Balance 
  • Perseverance 
  • Cooperation 
  • Humility 

However, this does not necessarily mean you have to be picture-perfect. You only need to hold some of these values close to your heart and act in the best interests of people and the community. You must keep reminding yourself from time to time what your core values are. 

7. You are tolerant and open-minded

You may have grown up respecting all kinds of people. If you are always friendly with people irrespective of their caste, belief, and color, you will adjust well in this career. 

Social workers face people from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and races. These people hold different beliefs, and they have varying attitudes. You ought to remain unbiased and open-minded. You can’t pass judgments. You have to be respectful, tolerant, and understanding. 


Certain social and economic changes lead to social issues for every generation. Therefore, social workers and community workers are expected to bring about change. Their hard work, determination, and core values provide safe spaces for people living in sub-standard conditions. 

Social workers must have strength and endurance; they should exhibit tolerance and analyze social issues without any bias. Their love for humanity must outweigh any other limitation or weakness. All in all, their significant contribution can make the world a better place.

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