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When wet, smartphones run the risk of breaking very quickly. Sensitive high-tech equipment’s natural enemies include toilets, washing machines, and overturned glasses. However, many well-intended pieces of advice from friends and acquaintances in times of distress end up being more harmful than helpful. Under no circumstances may you engage in that.

Water is a smartphone’s natural enemy, whether from a toilet, swimming pool, or washing machine, but problems nevertheless arise frequently. Many people look for questions like “Can a phone that has been submerged in water be repaired?” and “Is a phone that has been submerged in water repairable?”. Undoubtedly, the answer is; Before consulting any professional or worrying about how much it would cost to fix a water-damaged phone, there are a few guidelines to accept. Even more, harm will be done if you dry with a hair dryer or place the device near a heater.

Best Waterproof Mobiles

All Apple iPhone 14 versions have excellent water resistance, but only one can win the prize. Because the iPhone 14 Pro Max delivers the best smartphone experience and an IP68-resistant rating, we have given it the top spot. If you don’t want to pay for the Pro features, the iPhone 14 is a reasonable substitute, you can visit the online website; Pinpack.pk for the selection of waterproof mobiles at amazing prices with discount offers. The iPhone 12 or iPhone SE, if you want to save even more money. The greatest waterproof mobiles were once unsightly contraptions, but today they are stylish gadgets that can withstand spills and can even be immersed without any issues. And many of the best smartphones currently on the market include some level of water resistance.


Is Hairdryer Useful for Wet Phones?

A hairdryer dries hair, so how can that help a wet smartphone? Not at all. The electronics of the mobile phone can be destroyed by the heat of the hairdryer, rendering it worthless. Additionally, the breeze may blow moisture inside the smartphone and result in additional harm. Keep the hair dryer in the restroom.

It’s Harmful to Place an Electronic Object in an Oven

The smartphone becomes dried in the microwave because it warms up the food. Electronic and metallic objects should never be placed in the microwave! The chocolate and the food are warming up swiftly, but the cell phone is at risk of catching fire. Additionally, the moisture from your smartphone poses a threat to both the microwave and your phone.

If you have previously taken the phone’s battery out, you are still prohibited from using the microwave. In addition to microwaves, the smartphone’s antennae can also cause fires. And no, despite a crude internet joke that claims otherwise, (“Nothing can happen to the heater”), you cannot charge your iPhone battery in a microwave.

Create Emergency Repair Kits in Advance

Despite the fact that the rice bag is more or less a temporary solution, you can also get ready for an emergency. To rescue your wet smartphone, several manufacturers sell specialized repair kits. They include little bags with granules that can dry your smartphone and absorb moisture. Other producers use an alcohol cleaning solution to clean the phone first, then let it dry.

Use Silica Gel Packets in Place of Rice to Protect Your Phone

Placing your phone in rice won’t dry it out and may even be detrimental to its health. Your phone’s mechanisms are susceptible to being clogged by debris, starch, and minute grains of uncooked rice. Use silica gel packets instead. They serve the same purpose for your phone as they do for packaged and boxed goods (like shoes) in terms of moisture absorption. Put some silica gel packets on top of and underneath your phone. The silica gel packets will absorb the water if you leave the phone alone for a few hours.

Remove the Battery and Dry It

Never turn on your smartphone after being pulled from the water. In order to prevent a short circuit, you must immediately switch it off if it is still on. Take the battery out of the phone by opening it. However, other manufacturers rely on a battery that is permanently attached. Owners of iPhones, for instance, are unable to access the protective case.

Shut down the smartphone normally if you can’t remove the battery. On an iPhone, hold down the standby button until a red slider displays and has to be moved.

Immediately Remove Sim and SD Card from the Wet Phone

A SIM card or SD card should also be removed, along with as many other components as you can. Next, gently blot the phone dry with a towel or piece of kitchen paper. Through connections, water cannot enter the interior because of this. Be careful not to force the water inside the object while it is drying.

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