6 Types Of Shoe Styles Every Man Should Have In Their Wardrobe

Charlotte Miller

Shoes are an important element of your attire. Not having the right pair to match your outfit can waste all your time, effort, and money you spent to create the entire ensemble. With so many types of shoes for men available in the market today, it can be overwhelming to plan your wardrobe. Should you choose crazy colours and styles or go with the classics that will keep you in style all year round? What should you wear to the beach or to a casual party?  If these questions keep popping into your mind, this guide is for you. Check out the different types of shoes for men that you should add to your collection.

  1. Effortless Slip-Ons

As their name goes, slip-ons are comfortable footwear you can wear in no time. You do not need to worry about tying laces or adjusting straps and buckles. With men’s fashion evolving and moving towards more relaxed attires, slip-ons are the must-have shoes for men in your collection. Going for a city tour or a casual lunch? Need to hurry to the grocery store or take your pet out for a walk in the neighbourhood? With slip-ons, you will never have to compromise on style, utility, and comfort.

  1. Elegant Dress Sneakers

Who doesn’t need a pair of kicks that are stylish and sprinkle the right amount of casual vibes? Unlike Derby or Oxford shoes, which can be a bit stiff to stay in all day long, dress sneakers are relaxing and comfortable. This hybrid of sneakers and dress shoes for men, this minimalist footwear has a low cuff, flat laces, relatively slim soles, and a simple leather colorway, such as white, brown, grey, and similar neutral colours. Since these shoes for men are traditionally sneakers, you can definitely pair these up with your casual outfits, such as joggers or jeans and sweatshirts. For a smart look, you can also wear dress sneakers with semi-formals, such as a white shirt and chinos.

  1. Funky High-Top Sneakers

Though many people love the idea of it, they are still hesitant to wear high-top sneakers. Well, all you need to know is how to style them correctly with your outfit, and these shoes for men are bound to become your favourite. This footwear makes your feet pop, so rather than hiding underneath your cuffs, they draw attention to your ankles and complete your entire ensemble. With high-top sneakers, bring on your chinos or slim-fit jeans and cuff them high, beyond the tongue of your shoes. It is perfectly okay if your sock shows a little. One mistake you should avoid is not wearing baggy jeans since it will take away from the very essence of these high-top shoes for men.

  1. Timeless White Sneakers

In recent years, white shoes for men have gained quite some prominence in fashion. Since the trend is here to stay for a while, you should definitely buy these if you don’t own a pair yet. The monochromatic colour draws attention to you while giving off a cool and minimalist vibe. The best part is these insanely versatile shoes for men go with several outfits all year round, making them a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. In fact, with a little sass, it is difficult to find an outfit that does not go well with this footwear. Be it blue jeans and a white T-shirt, shorts and a casual shirt, or black jeans and long coats, white sports shoes complete any look.

  1. Trendy Training Shoes

Athleisure is another trend that fashionistas have welcomed with open arms. Style and comfort lie at the heart of training shoes. These shoes are easygoing on your feet due to their unique design and high-quality material. They support you during different types of workout movements and wick moisture during long hours of play. But you don’t necessarily have to hit the gym or play a sport to wear them. You can wear them for everyday use with any casual or athleisure outfit to keep your feet safe while not compromising on style. So, whether it is to grab breakfast or catch a flight, why not hop on this trend and get yourself the best shoes for men to make a statement?

  1. All-Day Walking Shoes

Your footwear should be first an investment in your health and then a stylish element of your outfit. If you are someone who walks a lot, whether on purpose to increase your step count or take your baby out for a stroll every day, you need the right footwear. Walking shoes for men offer support, stability, shock absorption, comfort, and style altogether to make your everyday walks easier on your feet, ankles, and legs. Also, since these are made for everyday use, feel free to wear them with different outfits to rock any look.


Having different types of shoes in your wardrobe gives you the liberty to create different looks as per the occasion. The right pair can elevate your fashion game while keeping your feet safe. Slip-ons, sneakers, training shoes, and walking shoes are a few types of shoes for men that you should not miss having. Follow the tips in this guide to pair them well with different outfits for an unmatchable style.