6 Ideas for an Uber-Impressive Vegan Picnic for Special Occasions

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6 Ideas for an Uber-Impressive Vegan Picnic for Special Occasions

Are you planning an uber-impressive vegan picnic to celebrate a special occasion but not quite sure what tantalising plant-based food to include? If you’re a vegan yourself, coming up with epic picnic ideas shouldn’t be too challenging. But, if you’re catering for vegan friends, a little bit more effort is required to get the right ingredients for an amazing picnic in the park!

Packing vegan-friendly gluten free slices will always be a winner but what else can you include in the picnic basket for a double-whammy eating experience? Keep reading for some great ideas and enjoy the vegan delights as much as your guests!

6 Ideas for an Uber-Impressive Vegan Picnic for Special Occasions

1. Include a Variety of Savoury and Sweet Dishes

Including a variety of savoury and sweet dishes turns your picnic into a gastronomic experience AND it appeals to all tastebuds! Plant-based picnic meals include:

  • Colourful fruits and vegetables
  • Savoury pretzels and crackers
  • An array of different olives
  • Spicy guacamole
  • Tasty spreads such as hummus and nut butters
  • Dried fruit and nuts
  • Decadent gluten free slices

Providing both savoury and sweet foods will satisfy your guests and hopefully your choices are some of their favourites too!

2. Keep It Simple With Pre-Prepared Bites

Keeping it simple with pre-prepared bites means you don’t need to carry loads of cutlery on picnic day! Slicing apples, cutting watermelon into bite-sized chunks and serving baguettes with flavourful plant-based spreads saves you from having to pack knives and forks. 

Desserts in the form of a decadent gluten free snack, miniature plant-based brownies and juicy strawberries will have your sweet-loving vegan friends swooning with every bite. But, there’s no need to pack spoons either with these finger-friendly foods!

3. Don’t Forget the Dips

No picnic should be without an array of tantalising dips! These work well with raw vegetables, roasted butternut crisps or wedges and flavoured tortilla chips. Even sliced fruit dunked in dips create a taste sensation! The following make uber-impressive vegan dips:

  • The classical hummus made from chickpeas, lemon juice and garlic
  • Spicy mashed chickpeas made with chillis, onions and garlic
  • Fudgy vegan chocolate sauce

Pack dips in well-sealed containers to prevent them from slopping out into the baskets before the picnic begins. Also pack enough containers to spread out between the guests when seated on the picnic blankets, for ease of reach. 

4. Throw Together Scrumptious Salads

There’s an unlimited variety of plant-based salads that are scrumptious and easy enough to prepare before the picnic. Mixing up large bowls of salads that can be shared among a group of friends and family creates a wonderful sense of togetherness on the day. 

Tip: it’s a good idea to pack eco-friendly plates if you’re serving salads.

Here are some delicious plant-based salad combinations for your vegan picnic:

  • Quinoa salad made with black beans, lime juice and mango cubes.
  • Spinach, avocado and strawberries not only look vibey but taste amazing too!
  • Tender raw broccoli served with vegan bacon bits, cashews and apple cider vinegar.

The classical (vegan) potato salad won’t go amiss either and will satisfy your carbs-craving guests!

5. Winning Sandwiches and Wraps

Pre-prepared sandwiches and wraps are excellent finger foods to pack for a picnic and getting creative with the fillings will make any occasion extra special. Thinking out of the box will certainly make an impression on your vegan guests! 

Here are some plant-based fillings that will appeal to non-vegan guests as well:

  • Chickpeas mixed with curry powder, crunchy vegetable bits and vegan yoghurt. 
  • Seasoned tofu nuggets served on sandwiches or wraps with fresh lettuce, tomato and hot jalapeno sauce.
  • Avocado, salsa and vegan sour cream. 

Packing serviettes is a must on every picnic and even more so when serving sandwiches and wraps filled with tasty fillings!

6. Vegan Beverages to Keep the Thirst at Bay

Having a picnic on a hot summer day calls for chilled vegan beverages! You can get adventurous with apple mint smoothies, homemade watermelon juice or almond milk combined with peaches and raspberries. Throwing in some iced sodas saves you the hassle of making vegan beverages and a flask of coffee or tea with vegan milk or cream is a winner too.

Ice-cold filtered water served with slices of cucumber, lemon or lime or flavoured with fresh herbs such as lemon grass is a simple and refreshing drink for most picnic guests. You’ll need to pack cups or glasses in the picnic basket when serving beverages unless you decide to buy individual bottles for everyone. 

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Final Thoughts

Planning a vegan picnic takes some forethought particularly if you’re aiming for an uber-impressive experience! Putting together plant-based meals is simple once you know what ingredients to get but you can purchase ready-made vegan delights at specialty stores if you want to save time. 

Other essential items that should be packed are blankets for sitting on, sunscreen to protect against the harsh UV rays and board games. This way, you can ensure your guests have a fun-filled day that they’ll remember for a long time!