5 Ways You Can Take Your Business On The Road

Charlotte Miller

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The modern age of the internet is the best time to be alive as a businessman. There are countless things you can do to earn and countless markers you can carve a place for yourself in. However, other people may also have the same idea, and the competition for most businesses has increased steadily. It may not be enough to reach your customers through the internet, on their devices which already show them more information daily than they could ever retain. Taking your business on the road and showing them firsthand what you can do is a vital part of marketing. Here are a few ways you can take your business on the road.

  1. Mobile Workshops

Mobile workshops or events are great ways to take your business out and about, where it can reach more people in a shorter time. If you’re breaking into a relatively new industry, this is a great option because, by setting up workshops and events around the country in urban centers, you’ll be able to explain to your customer base what you’re offering and how you’re different from the competition. Big companies like social media networks have used this strategy to their advantage by showcasing some of their most popular influencers and creators in this context, and you may be able to replicate this with your business.

  1. Popup Shows

Popup shows, or simply popups, are small retail stores that open suddenly, sometimes with little or no warning, in densely populated places, where a business can sell its wares to people in that city for a limited time before it closes up shop and moves somewhere else, or is discontinued permanently. The reason this is such a strong tool for businesses is that it’s much cheaper relative to the cost of setting up an entire retail store and can give a quick boost to revenue. However, the biggest benefit is the marketing and attention your brand will get since popups create an air of mystery and exclusivity, and your products will be even more popular temporarily.

  1. Trade Shows And Expos

Trade shows and expos are great places to showcase some of the advancements you have made in your industry or sector of the market. They’re usually broadcast to investors and the public, so you’ll have as many eyes on your show as possible. You can show off the inventions or the design improvements you’ve made for a product or a new line of products you are launching. This marketing method and generating excitement has often been used by big tech companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo in the famous E3 trade expo. However, if you decide to follow in their tracks, you will need to invest in a 10×20 booth display, which will be well worth the money spent.

  1. Collaborative Tours

Collaborative tours are another new and exciting way companies are getting their names out there in front of as many people as possible. The general principle is that a business teams up with another that inhabits a completely different field, such as a sports drink company partnering with a gaming console manufacturer, and the two business work together to tour and push their products, attracting more attention together than they’d be able to alone. This is a useful form of taking your business on the road as long as you know the right business to partner with.

  1. Virtual And Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality is a great way to take your business out without investing in anything other than a few software engineers and designers. You’ll be saving thousands of dollars while still reaching millions of people. Augmented reality is a form of media that people can browse on their phones, and virtual reality is a digital landscape accessible using a special headset. Here, you can make your virtual tradeshows, popups, or any other viral marketing strategy you want, at a low cost.


Due to the number of options business owners have today, it can be overwhelming to pick the best ways to expand and market your business, reaching more potential clients and customers than you have before. Some ways are better than others, but the best way to get your name out there is to show industry experts, journalists, and your customers what your business is about and the kind of products you produce. To do that, you’ll need to take everything on the road, which, while more difficult than it sounds, can still be made easy if you follow the advice in this article.