5 Tips for Comparing Carpet Tiles vs. Vinyl Flooring for Your Commercial Property

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5 Tips for Comparing Carpet Tiles vs. Vinyl Flooring for Your Commercial Property

Picking the right flooring type for your commercial property is vital since not paying attention to this detail could end up being a costly mistake! With so many different flooring options available on the market, how do you know which one is best for your commercial building? Have you narrowed down your options to carpet tiles vs. vinyl flooring?

Picking commercial carpet tiles Melbourne companies are using to cover their floors is a popular choice. But, what about the versatile vinyl flooring option? Well, it all depends on several factors and knowing what they are will help you make a well-informed decision in the end. Keep reading to find out how to choose between carpet tiles and vinyl flooring for your commercial building.

5 Tips for Picking Carpet Tiles vs. Vinyl Flooring for Your Commercial Property

1. Identify the Needs of the Building Space

The unique needs of your building space will determine what type of flooring cover is best suited for it. An industrial working space takes a lot of heavy traffic from machinery and workers and the flooring should be tough and durable. 

Vinyl plank flooring is often ideal for commercial use but it’s important to focus on the wear layer which determines the durability of this floor cover type. Choosing the highest wear layer possible for industrial purposes ensures your floor remains scratch-and skid-resistant while maintaining quality and appearance. 

2. Factor in Maintenance and Cleaning Costs

Maintenance can end up being costly if you install the wrong cover for your commercial building’s unique needs. The same applies if your floor cover is exposed to spills that require regular cleaning. 

For example, old age homes would benefit from vinyl flooring that doesn’t stain or mark easily. This type of flooring is better for areas such as bathrooms and kitchens that are exposed to a lot of moisture. However, installing carpet tiles is a low-maintenance option for the hospitality industry, offices and the retail sector. 

3. Overall Aesthetics

When focusing on the overall aesthetics of your commercial building, flooring makes a huge difference between achieving a drab or attractive appearance. Creating a visually appealing look improves workplace productivity, increases customer satisfaction while shopping in-store and enhances hospitality spaces.

Carpet tiles give you more flexibility when picking colours, styles and designs. They’re easy for complementing décor and can be matched to your brand colour. On the other hand, if you like the natural look, vinyl planks offer you a variety of timber grains and textures to pick from. 

4. Consider the Budget

If you’re installing new flooring, you need to consider your company’s budget. Avoiding cheap commercial flooring options is a must if you want to prevent costly problems down the line. But, there are cost-effective quality commercial floor covers that give you value for money without compromising on durability. Getting the balance between overall aesthetics and durability is essential before deciding which materials to use.

Carpet tiles are more expensive than vinyl plank flooring especially when taking into consideration installation and cleaning costs. However, installing the wrong flooring for your building’s specific needs is a costly mistake that will hit your company’s bottom line. 

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5. Opt for Eco-Friendly Flooring When Possible 

Countries such as Australia that take sustainable development seriously need to consider eco-friendly products in all their purchases. Commercial property owners can support this drive by installing environmentally friendly flooring. Modern manufacturing processes for flooring have improved, resulting in a lower environmental impact. 

The other benefits of green vinyl flooring include:

  • Reduced use of harmful chemicals
  • Hypoallergenic properties make them suitable for people battling with allergies
  • Low VOC ratings

Carpet tile manufacturers are also producing carpeting with low VOV ratings so if you want to opt for this flooring type, find out which suppliers provide the greener option. 

Commercial Carpet Tiles vs. Vinyl Flooring: The Pros and Cons at a Glance

Use this quick overview to help you make your final decision between commercial carpet tiles and vinyl flooring.

Commercial Carpet Tiles


  • Low maintenance
  • Can withstand heavy traffic
  • Suitable for wheeled office chairs and desks
  • Minimal downtime during installation


  • Takes longer to clean 
  • Not as cost-effective compared to vinyl floors
  • Not suitable for moist environments

Commercial Vinyl Flooring


  • Cost-effective
  • Can withstand heavy traffic
  • Resilient and long-lasting
  • Eco-friendly


  • Limited in colour choices compared to carpet tiles
  • Damaged planks need to be replaced

Final Thoughts

Picking the right commercial flooring option for your business is essential and knowing what to look out for will help you make the right investment. Choosing between commercial carpet tiles vs. vinyl planks means doing your homework and using our tips to pick the right flooring for your property. 

Pick commercial vinyl flooring Melbourne companies are using for its durability, ease of use and attractive natural look. Choose carpet tiles if you want a branded look that’s aesthetically appealing to the eye while handling heavy traffic and low maintenance.

If it works for your building’s unique needs, you’ve made the right choice!