5 Reasons To Upgrade From AX To Microsoft D365 Finance And Supply Chain Management

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5 Reasons To Upgrade From AX To Microsoft D365 Finance And Supply Chain Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX was a long-time companion of many organizations supporting them in making smart decisions, however, the era of cloud computing has brought ERP systems to the next level. While some companies still rely on on-premises Microsoft Dynamics AX, it is high time to switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 representing the new generation of software.

Leveraging Benefits Of Cloud Technology

As has already been mentioned, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a web-and-cloud-based system. This gives a company a number of significant advantages.

The very first one is large savings coming from great cost reduction since a company does not have to maintain the physical environment of on-premises software as well as employ specialists who can take care of it.

Next comes compatibility with various devices whether they are desktop computers or tablets and smartphones. This makes the ERP system accessible to everyone including field or production workers.

The cloud technology of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is also beneficial for its security boosting its resistance to malicious attacks. Additionally, it provides functionality for backups, which makes retrieving core business data possible as a disaster recovery measurement. At the same time, there is a system of security roles and privileges for effective control of data accessibility.

Constant Innovation

The ever-improving design of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of its greatest advantages. The ERP system can be integrated with a massive list of products including the Microsoft’s apps and the ones created by third parties. Some of them are Cortana, Power BI, Power Automate, Oracle, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and OneNote.

This ERP system empowers business flows and reporting with artificial intelligence and IoT while Microsoft’s team is constantly improving its product and providing regular updates.

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High Scalability Of Microsoft Dynamics 365

While Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been designed to support the largest corporations with complex structures and multiple branches spread worldwide with efficient management tools, it features on-demand scalability that allows enterprises to fit their ERP systems exactly to their needs. This works both ways as this software can grow with your business even if you are starting from a small-sized company, while it is also possible to decrease the scale of Microsoft Dynamics 365 if needed.

The module-based architecture of this system makes it even easier. You do not have to implement all of the tools provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and can choose only what is necessary for your company now. With the growth of the demand of your business, you will be able to add more features.

Flexible Pricing

The structure of Microsoft Dynamics 365 mentioned above also makes this product particularly cost-effective. In practice, you do not have to purchase the license for the entire ERP system as you can flexibly switch among the variety of modules provided by Microsoft on a monthly basis.

Moreover, the final costs of your system will depend on the number of users of certain modules. This is a very effective way of saving your company’s money as subscribing to all of the services included in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not obligatory.

No Support And Updates For Microsoft Dynamics AX

Even if a company is still satisfied with Microsoft Dynamics AX, there has been no support for this system since October 2021. In case of any trouble, enterprises utilizing this ERP system can only count on the assistance of authorized implementation partners who are still offering their support for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Yet, with the growth of the popularity of Microsoft Dynamics 365, there are fewer and fewer such services available on the market.

Furthermore, there are also no updates created for this system, whereas technology is keeping evolving giving more powerful solutions to enterprises. Clinging to the out-of-date software is making a company less competitive.

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