5 Easy Tips to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

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5 Easy Tips to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

It is still regrettable to note that even to this day, pedestrian injuries and casualties remain high. As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2020, around 6,516 pedestrians were killed in road accidents, and around fifty-five thousand were injured nationwide.

The best way to avoid road accidents among pedestrians is to obey traffic signals installed at almost every junction. Pedestrians should cross the roads at a designated crosswalk, be alert, and beware of things going on around them while walking. In the event of accidents, pedestrian accident lawyers help victims pursue compensation for injuries and trauma suffered.

Tips to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are increasing yearly and are a concern for the safety of the people involved. Due to this, pedestrians should always practice caution and take proper precautionary measures. 

Most pedestrian accidents occur either due to the carelessness of the drivers or the pedestrians. Following are the tips to avoid these accidents,

Designated Walking Area

Always walk in the designated areas or on the pavement, and avoid walking on the road as much as possible. If there is no walking area for pedestrians, then walk facing traffic and walk as far as possible on the shoulder of the road. Be alert at the intersections where vehicles will turn left or right as per the fancy of the drivers.

When approaching designated pedestrian crossings, the instinct of almost all drivers is to look out for pedestrians crossing the street and be attentive. Since the crosswalks are painted brightly or have markings, this helps the drivers be attentive and alert during the approach.

Pedestrians crossing in non-designated areas will surprise the drivers as their reflexes will take time to react, causing an accident on the roads.

Increase Visibility

When walking in bad weather conditions or at night, carry a flashlight or wear high-reflective clothing, as this will increase the visibility of the walker on the road. As per National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports, lack of pedestrian visibility causes major accidents.

Accidents usually happen when a driver does not notice the pedestrians; therefore, it is essential to avoid wearing dark-colored clothing, especially at night.

At night, most vehicles drive around with bright headlights, and it would have been too late when the driver noticed the walker.

By increasing the visibility, these accidents could be avoided, as the drivers would have ample time to slow their vehicles and stop at the right time.

Never Drink and Walk

Avoid using drugs or drinking alcohol, as this will diminish reflexes and judgment.

The pedestrian will not be aware of the surroundings because of the substances taken and could walk straight into the front of a speeding vehicle.

Taking drugs or alcohol will cause delusions, and the pedestrians involved are more likely to take risks due to impaired judgment. They cross the street from unwanted locations, leading to accidents.

Staying Vigilant

Pedestrians should be vigilant, which will help them avoid distractions while walking or crossing the road.

Talking on cell phones and listening to music over headphones, among other things, are common reasons that cause distraction. Due to this, a pedestrian will not hear the honking of the cars approaching and won’t notice the traffic signals, leading to accidents.

Sometimes the drivers are distracted too. Therefore, whenever crossing the street at designated areas, wait until the motorists have slowed down or stopped their vehicles.

Avoid Walking on the Road

Avoid walking on the roads, as this will increase the chance of getting hit by an oncoming vehicle. As a consequence, make sure to stay off the road and maintain enough distance from the road when possible.

Wherever pavements or footpaths are visible, walk on them. If the designated area for pedestrians to walk is unavailable, always walk against the traffic, as this may give ample time to react in dangerous situations.


To avoid Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries, pedestrians should look left and right before crossing, use designated walking areas, and wear reflective clothing, especially at night. Also, they should maintain eye contact with the drivers when crossing the street.

Many victims of pedestrian accidents do not get the deserved compensation for the injuries they get in the accidents. Most insurance companies avoid paying the total payment by showing that the accident occurred due to the pedestrian’s fault. Few even state that the amount claimed is more than the actual bill, which reduces the claimed compensation amount.

These difficulties and trauma could be easily overcome by working with lawyers who are experts at pedestrian accident compensation claims. They will advise and represent the clients to get the required compensation amount.