4 Tips for Hiring A Software Developer At A Startup in 2022

Juliet D'cruz

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4 Tips for Hiring A Software Developer At A Startup in 2022

Hiring top-rated software developers for a startup is challenging, sometimes even more than raising money for the growing business. And since the market is global and competitive, it’s more than essential to hire the right people. 

Therefore, you have to hire fast with a global talent network like Adeva having developer talent at scale to grow quickly since that’s what a startup is all about. Various challenges will appear along the way, but everything is possible if you have the right people. 

That’s why we will see four tips for hiring a software developer in 2022. Let’s begin. 

Challenge Them with A Real Task

The fastest way to see whether a possible employee is an excellent fit for the role or not is to challenge them with a real task since a hypothetical one won’t provide you with a realistic insight. Therefore, ask the candidate to work on a real task instead. Their approach to the assignment will give you information about whether they approach the issue the right way and whether the candidate is a good fit for your company.

Furthermore, this is also valuable for them since they can get an idea about the type of challenges and technology they would work with if they want to work for your startup. This is important because hiring a software developer is a two-way street since your company needs to match the candidate’s specifications, and the candidate needs to match the project requirements. And if both sides are connecting the right way, the relationship will prosper. 

In addition, it’s essential for both you and the candidate to be on the same page about the expectations from the beginning of the collaboration in order to achieve the desired results. 

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Think Out of the Resume

The time of screening candidates on the basis of their education listed in their resumes is long gone since this traditional way is not enough to hire the right person. And if you are still focused on such techniques, you will miss a lot of fantastic talent. You probably know that many software developers today are self-taught, and if you cut them from the hiring process, you will eliminate many potential candidates who may be the perfect fit for the job. 

Relying on a college education is no longer beneficial since most software developers learn an additional language outside of their academic studies. So, when evaluating their coding capabilities, you have to think outside of the box since many candidates may know a lot more precisely because they are self-taught. And the same logic applies when looking for developers based on their previous experience since they have to find new strategies to solve new challenges. Therefore, those with less experience may turn out to be better candidates because they are less likely to focus on standardized practices and are better prepared to face the challenges of your company. And this is vital for becoming a fast-growing company that moves forward continuously with the right people. 

Don’t Forget Your Company Culture

When hiring a software developer for your startup, it’s valuable to select the candidates with the right skills and experience. Still, it’s also essential to find a developer that shares your vision and is on the same page. 

That’s why you need to focus on your company culture and see whether the developer you are hiring is a matching cultural fit for your company. Asking technical questions is highly beneficial in order to see their technical skills, but non-technical questions are also a fantastic way to be sure that the candidate is a good fit in the long run. 

One of the initial-stage qualities in company culture also includes good communication skills since the developer has to understand and communicate well with the rest of the team. Furthermore, focusing on your company’s culture is also about creating sustainable growth and better team integration right from the start. 

Hiring developers for startups is challenging, sometimes even more than raising money for the growing business.

Smarter Than You – Better! 

If you often find yourself being the smartest person in the room, it’s probably time to hire someone else. Of course, it is an excellent idea to hire someone smarter than you, but it’s also a way to make your startup company a lot more successful. The reason being is that nothing attracts talent better than talented people. 

Therefore, if you concentrate on hiring A-level software developers in your company, you will find it a lot easier to attract more talented people in growth periods in the future. In essence, you are setting the bar high and creating a systematic structure and culture in your company that motivates improvement. 

So, use these four tips when hiring software developers for your startup and don’t forget that a global talent network can make the process a lot easier while saving you a lot of precious time! 

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