3 Methods to Delete PDF Pages

Juliet D'cruz

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PDF remains an essential and reliable file format for opening documents on various devices or operational systems. Nonetheless, there are instances where you might need to delete pdf pages. It can happen due to several reasons such as erroneous content, confidentiality issues, or mainly because you only need certain parts from a whole document.

Yes, deleting pages from a PDF file is possible. However, it may not be as easy as others might think. You have to remember that a PDF cannot be easily altered or edited. Thus, it is also the same when you want to delete pdf pages. This article will tell you the Three methods to remove pages from PDF documents.

  1. Delete PDF Pages With GogoPDF

With GogoPDF, you can remove single or multiple pages from your PDF file. Its quick and easy process will allow you to delete PDF pages in minutes. Downloading any application is unnecessary. This web-based tool is free and accessible. 

Do these simple steps and delete PDF pages quickly. 

  • Select and upload the PDF with the pages you need to delete. You may get the file from your computer or drag and drop it into the toolbox.
  • When the file is uploaded already, select the pages you want to remove.
  • Then, save the changes you made to your file.
  • Finally, download your modified file to your computer. You may also share on your social media accounts. 

See how fast and straightforward it is to delete PDF pages with GogoPDF. So, the next time you need to do such a task, use this web-based tool. And you can finish without any hassle. 

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  1. Remove PDF pages on Mac Using Preview

Mac systems house a free built-in “Preview” feature that you can use to remove any unwanted or unnecessary pages on a PDF file. These steps are the way to do it. 

Step #1: Open “Preview” on Mac. Then, select and open your PDF document. 

Step #2: Press “Command”+”Shift”+D to make the sidebar visible(if it’s not visible). After this, display the sidebar. 

Step #3: You can delete pages by following these instructions:

  • If you need to delete a page or 1 page only, select the page and press the “Command” and “Delete” tabs simultaneously. 
  • When you need to remove two pages, click to select both pages and remove them together, or you may delete them separately. Do the steps as mentioned above. 
  • While for several pages, you have two options: First, remove a range of pages from the exact location by selecting the first page in the range. Then, shift-click the last page. Preview will delete all the pages within this range. Remove pages at different places within the PDF by clicking the first page to remove, then proceeding to cmd-click the remaining pages. By doing so, Preview will only delete the select pages. 

Step #4: You may now save the new set of PDF pages. You may overwrite the old PDF file with the latest one by clicking “File” and “Save.” You may select save as a new folder by selecting “File” and then “Save As.”

  1. Use Adobe Acrobat to Remove PDF Pages

Use Adobe Acrobat to delete unwanted pages from your PDF document. Follow these steps if you prefer to use this application.

Step #1: First, check if you have permission to edit the file. Do this by clicking “File,” then “Properties” > “Security” tab. Look under the “Document Restrictions Summary”. The permissions are located here.

Step #2: Then, open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat. Once you are done opening the file, move to the right pane. Click and select the tool “Organize Pages,” which can be seen in the secondary toolbar.

Step #3: Now, identify and choose the page thumbnail you want to delete. Then, click the icon for “Delete.” Do not forget that page thumbnails are located in the “Document” section.

Step #4: You need to confirm your action using the dialog box on the screen. Choose “OK” if you are sure that the page to be deleted is the page you intend to remove. Finally, you can save your edited file.

An Adobe Acrobat is another option for deleting PDF pages. However, there are instances when you have to download first because your device does not have an installed or updated Adobe Acrobat.


PDF is the most reliable file format used by almost everyone. Its features provide security and accuracy, among many other benefits. However, there are times you need to eliminate some parts of your document. There are several methods to do it. Nonetheless, choose one that is efficient, user-friendly, and quick. This instance is where GogoPDF comes in. 

Among the methods, available PDF offers you a free, easy, and quick process. With four steps for deletion, your edited file will be ready in no time. Moreover, it saves you time and effort on your part. So, the next time you need to have some PDF pages removed, try GogoPDF and enjoy its benefits

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