3 Healthcare Software Projects by Chudovo.de

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3 Healthcare Software Projects by Chudovo.de

Chudovo.de is one of the recommended software developer services in Germany that is ready to develop any software program. One of their software projects is developing medical software. The list below explains the medical software projects they handle. 


Personalized Diabetes Management System 


The goal of developing a personalized diabetes management system is to help predict patients’ blood glucose levels. There is also a feature that recommends things patients should do when the future blood glucose level falls outside of a target range. 


This company also designed this software for doctors to know the best diabetes therapy after reading the data from it. The app will collect the blood glucose levels, doses of insulin data, and insulin sensitivity. Users can’t only use this product for controlling blood glucose levels but also for anything related to metabolism, obesity, lipid metabolism, and hypertension issues. 

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My Therapy Companion App 


Chudovo also handles this project. Nowadays, people can download and use this app via Android and iOS devices. This app helps doctors to communicate with their patients. As a result, doctors can improve the health monitoring of their patients. 


In this project, the company consists of two medical apps. The first app is for the doctors and the second app is for the patients. Patients can record their illness data into the application. It records the illness, symptoms, complaints, and score on the scale. 


There is also a feature for patients to consult with their doctors. On the other hand, the doctors use their app to see the medical record to ensure the disease and health statistics. The record is easy to read because it is presented in the form of graphs. Nowadays, patients and doctors can use this app to consult and treat cancer, heart diseases, musculoskeletal system, and breathing issues. 


Healthcare Applications 


Running a medical business is not only about serving patients but also managing the health administration processes such as pharmaceutical licensing. The team has to ensure that the administration is well-managed. One of the projects even builds healthcare applications to manage the health administration in prisons. 


It helps to develop a better interaction between patients and medical staff. The goal is to ensure that all parties get complete and original medical records and patient files anytime they want. The faster they get the record and files the faster patients get the prescribed medicines. 


The applications help to manage and record prescriptions and medicines. Users even can use it to deliver the right medicines to clinics and print labels for medicine doses. Patients don’t have to go to the hospital only to meet their doctor. Users will have a better ecosystem, such as patients can register and receive the latest information related to the diagnosis and treatment courses, and users can also check the previous data according to the patient-physician interactions. 


Prescribing drugs for patients are even easier due to the automatic pharmaceutical process. It is okay if doctors want to print the medical record in a variety of formats, including .docx, pdf, and many more. They even exchange medical data immediately if it is needed. 


Things that Chudovo Can Accomplish to Develop Healthcare Software


Chudovo contains a professional team that is ready to accomplish so many tasks to develop healthcare software. For example, the healthcare software development team can recover the core applications from existing code sources, they can also deploy and set up CI or CD while developing new functions.

Hospitals or healthcare organizations can call the software development team to handle any troubleshooting and issue. The team consists of people from a variety of educational backgrounds. They will use their skills and knowledge to develop healthcare software that hospitals or healthcare organizations need. 


The technologies the team often uses to accomplish a specific project are including .NET 4.5, REST architecture, Angle 1.5 – JS/Angle 2+, Azure load balancers, Azure Active Directory authentication, and many more. 


The team member depends on the software they are about to handle. For healthcare apps, this company often sends .Net architects, .Net software developers, and database administrators.   

The point is that hospitals and healthcare organizations should find a company that focuses on medical software development in Germany. The goal is to ensure that they get the best software based on their needs. 


Using the best healthcare technology is not only useful for the patients but also the medical team. Health quality will increase significantly with the use of the latest healthcare software and technology. People will be comfortable monitoring their health and treating their health problems. At the same time, doctors can handle them immediately by only examining their health reports.             

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