2 Qualities of fonts when going for important Advertisements

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2 Qualities of fonts when going for important Advertisements

2 Qualities of fonts when going for important Advertisements

Fonts are secret agents of visual communication that work with the viewer’s subconscious. This guide shows you which fonts to use for different industries, and how even the smallest font details change the way you feel about what you’re writing.

  1. Statics and dynamics

    The pattern of the letters of the font can be static or dynamic. The more horizontal and vertical lines in a row, the more static the font is. And lines and arcs that do not coincide with the horizontal line give the font dynamism. The dynamics are affected by: the slope of the inflow axis in the letters oecpbd, the slope of the crossbar e, the end of the strokes of the letters scaand the shape of the notches. All these elements can be straight, diagonal or curved. An italic or slanted drawing makes the image even more dynamic.

The static font is perceived as a sign of calmness and orderliness. It is no coincidence that Helvetica, conceived as a universal neutral font, is static. And if the font has more straight lines than usual, for example, due to the straightening of ovals, then it will be associated with a strict order brought to automatism. This is great for regime facilities: precision manufacturing, railways, power plants, etc.

A dynamic drawing, not obvious, as in italics, but in direct drawing, is a highlight that is pleasant to notice. This optional feature creates interest in the inscription. Hidden complexity is a sign of true art. Therefore, dynamic fonts fit everything aesthetic and original.

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2. Openness

Open letters, such as c, can be very open, moderately open, or almost closed. Openness (aperture) affects the shape of the letters c, a, e, s, z, e, and is. Very open letters are more compact than closed ones, the capacity of the font largely depends on their width. Frequency analysis of languages ​​shows that the letters e, a, s, and c make up more than 30% of the English language, and the letters e, а, с, з– this is almost 25% of Russian and about 20% Ukrainian. Therefore, due to a larger aperture and easy straightening of the oval elements: opdbq, you can get a very compact font that will not look compressed and will retain good readability, for example as PT Sans.

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Moderate openness in itself does not create a mood, but half-closed letters are best recognized when reading quickly, for example on road signs or license plates.

Very open fonts with small inscriptions have their own character. And this is actually open to the world, an extroverted character. Openness is associated with comfort and conveys a feeling of simple and honest communication. Such fonts are often found in the election campaigns of politicians who promote the ideas of freedom and democracy, as well as in advertisements for something convenient and simple, such as a smart home or a light laptop.

In closed fonts, the character also corresponds to the aperture. These self-sufficient introverts create a sense of stability, reliability and security. Therefore, in politics, they are often used by conservatives and protectionists, and in advertising, they are indispensable for everything based on security and protection. Sans Serif Fonts are the most common fonts being used in the design industry that have a primitive impression on the audience.


  1. Statics and dynamics convey the individuality and richness of the inner world: from neutral Helvetica (Static fonts) to old-style antiques containing the pathos of their time and country (Dynamic fonts).
  2. Openness affects sociability and progressiveness: from liberal extrovert (Open Fonts) to conservative boundary defender (Closed Fonts).