10 Veg Restaurants to Order From if You Have Recently Given Up on Non-veg Food  

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10 Veg Restaurants to Order From if You Have Recently Given Up on Non-veg Food

Don’t run after veg or non-veg; instead, run after flavors. After all, nowadays, vegetarian food is as good as non-vegetarian food when it comes to similar flavor and taste. If you have recently turned vegetarian, then you got to know about these delicious and savory options available in the veg restaurants to make you fall in love with your food and not miss your ex-diet. Each of the diets given below are to encourage health and make you happy with the flavors. Scroll below to find.  

Veg Hara Bhara Kebab  

Giving up on galouti kebab and mutton seekh kebab can be heartbreaking. But you can compensate for the emptiness of non-vegetarian kebabs with the hara bhara kebabs. The restaurants are great at introducing you to the flavors of kebabs with the combination of green veggies, ginger, garlic, and several other spices. Savor these for a tea-time snack, a refreshing starter to dinner, or even for dinner with rumali roti. With this, mint chutney makes a great pair. 

Butter Soya Chaap Gravy  

The hardest part of giving up on non-veg can be to not eat butter chicken. However, soya chaap has proved to be a great replacement for being as good as chicken, even if it is not non-veg. So, you can go for soya chaap butter masala at the restaurants available online. Order from the restaurants and forget all your worries. It will be as creamy and as savory as you want it to be. With this, naan is all you need for a drooling and delicious dinner feast.  

Veg Lasagne  

Cream, cheese, and chicken are everything to die for when you order lasagna. But you cannot underestimate the taste and flavor of veg lasagna too. It is stuffed with zucchini, broccoli, carrots, corn, mushroom, beans and several other exotic vegetables. But the best part is the loaded cheese embracing the lasagna with the best flavor burst. You must surely try this healthy and happening delicacy from the veg restaurants for a tempting food that is not non-veg but as good as that.   

Vegetable Biryani  

Biryani is not just food; it’s an emotion. However, you do not have to be emotional if you do not get chicken or mutton biryani. You can also order veg biryani from the restaurants who will surprise you with a great taste. In this, the chicken/ mutton pieces and chunks are replaced with tofu and many other exotic vegetables. But the spices, cooking pattern, and garnishing stay the same for a burst of flavors in the mouth right after the first bite.  

Veg Korma  

You will not miss keema anymore if you have veg korma by your side. The restaurants pioneer in this delicacy with the serving of a delightful gravy to be savored with roti or naan. A korma is stacked with ample dry fruits, exclusively cashews. With this, the serving includes numerous vegetables in ample quantities. Grab a delicious and healthy gravy option with the bread, and you will stop thinking about the non-veg you loved for some time.  


Seekh Kebab- Veg  

Thinking about the seekh kabab you all barbecued together? Well, Makhmali seekh kebab can help you with your cravings by giving you a treat of vegetarian kebabs. In this, chicken is replaced with tofu, but it is also added with carrots, cabbage and several other veggies. While the process stays the same, the taste also makes no difference. So, the next time you have a look at the menu of veg restaurants, this is what you have to order. Also, the onion ring and mint dipping mark a beautiful addition to the taste and appearance of it.

Tofu Chilly  

If chicken chilly was your favorite, then this will be too. This is an ode to the favorite Chinese recipe, where the chicken is replaced with tofu. Lately, it is marinated in chilly sauces and fried with onions and capsicum. With this, sesame seeds and spring onions do a marvelous job being the key ingredients. Savor this delicacy from the veg restaurants to enjoy wholesome flavors of spiciness and tanginess.   

Creamy Garlic Mushrooms  

Mushrooms are one of the most-loved vegetarian foods in every form. If you want to enjoy some delightful vegetarian food without being distracted by anything ahead, then you got to try this dish. In this, button mushroom is sauteed in garlic, chili, butter, and cream. There is no way you will not like it. So, visit online veg restaurants to know which place can serve you the food you are looking for.  

Chickpea Feta Salad  

Chickpeas are considered one of the healthiest sources of protein. If you are looking for a healthy and delicious diet for your meal, then chickpea has to be on the list. So, go ahead to the veg restaurants and order chickpea feta salad straight away. This delicious treat will make you fall in love with your diet plan.   

Cauliflower Wings  

Make your weekend happening with hot, spicy, and lip-smacking wings for your eve. But this time, I chose it as cauliflower above the chicken for a vegan wing recipe. You can easily find these in the best forms and textures in the veg restaurants. Order these to know how good vegetarian wings can be.  

These are all the options for the vegetarian diets that you can enjoy in the veg restaurants in the cities of Cochi, Mumbai, Delhi, and so many more across India. To order these, you should head straight to Swiggy. This online platform will give you countless options of savory vegetarian eateries. You only have to log in online through the website and pick your order from all the other available choices. You will surely get what you want at Swiggy. The best part is that you do not have to go to the restaurant; it will come to your door within no time. So, order and enjoy a fabulous vegetarian diet while being in your comfy space. 


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