10 Everyday Tips To Help Promote Healthy Ageing 

Juliet D'cruz

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10 Everyday Tips To Help Promote Healthy Ageing 

As the body ages, it goes through a variety of changes. These changes can impact everything from physical and mental health to elements of appearance. While these changes can begin to feel overwhelming, there are small steps we can take everyday to harness the power of ageing. 

Rather than letting sore bones, periods of poor mental health and perhaps a few wrinkles get in the way, we can perform key activities that will support our body through the ageing process. This ensures we can approach the mere thought of ageing with a healthy attitude. A mindset that is beneficial on multiple fronts. 

10 tips for healthy ageing 

When it comes to implementing healthy ageing practices, it’s important to note that many different factors play a role in ageing. For example, elements of genetics can impact how we age. Additionally, factors pertaining to physical and mental health will also play a role. While we cannot necessarily control genetics, we can control our physical and mental health. 

1. Keep moving 

One of the best tips for healthy ageing is to keep moving. Not only does physical movement help to maintain a healthy weight, it also ensures that as we age, we can retain muscle mass. This is critical when it comes to having the stamina to play with grandkids or go shopping. 

The importance of physical health can be highlighted in the results of an Australian Seniors survey into quality of life. When asked for the top three requirements for a quality life in retirement, the number one answer was good physical health

2. Make smart food choices

Much like exercise, making smart food choices can have numerous positive impacts on the body. For example, nutritious food can help improve brain function and provide protection against health problems such as diabetes. 

While it’s important to eat meals packed with fruits and vegetables, along with essential vitamins and minerals, it’s important to practise moderation too. This means being able to enjoy a takeaway pizza or a slice of cake every now and again. 

3. Pick up a hobby 

The process of ageing can stir up complex feelings. You may be feeling isolated due to retirement or children moving out of the house. Rather than letting these feelings overwhelm you, pick up a hobby or social activity

Research has shown that people who engage in hobbies and social activities may be at a lower risk of developing some health problems. With this in mind, hobbies can include everything from golf and tennis to art class and book club. 

4. Learn to de-stress

Stress can have quite complex effects on the body. From negatively impacting the brain and functions related to memory, stress can be quite damaging. That’s why learning to de-stress is key to healthy ageing. Common de-stressors are activities such as yoga and meditation. 

5. Quit bad habits 

It is quite common for some people to have vices such as overeating, undereating or substance abuse of things like cigarettes and alcohol. These bad habits contribute to many illnesses such as increased risk of cancer, heart attack and other diseases. As such these habits need to be managed. 

6. Look after your brain 

Along with physical and mental health, it’s also important to look after cognitive health. This is largely because cognition is all about thinking clearly and being able to learn and remember new things. One way to look after cognitive health is to play mind boosting games or engage in mentally stimulating activities. 

7. Get enough sleep 

Sleep can impact everything from mental and physical health to cognitive health. In terms of physical health, lack of sleep could lead to falls and other accidents. Mentally, not getting enough sleep can increase stress levels. Cognitively, poor sleep affects memory. Ways to ensure that you get enough sleep is to implement a sleep schedule and get enough exercise. 

8. Protect your skin 

As the body’s largest organ, taking care of your skin is a big part of healthy ageing. This is because the skin changes as we age and therefore needs gentler products, more hydration and sun protection. With this in mind, getting regular skin cancer screenings is also advised.

Ageing with health and wellness at the fore 

Ageing is a complex process. There are a variety of different changes occurring to virtually every aspect of your body. This could make everything from going for a walk around the block to getting a good night’s sleep that little bit harder. 

However, ageing should be the start of the next great chapter in life. As we age, there are more freedoms such as retirement to look forward to. In order to embrace the positive changes ahead, implementing healthy ageing tips is a great place to start.

By implementing activities to support both physical and mental health, paying attention to your skin and also, your brain, health and wellness will be at the forefront. All of which helps put the puzzle pieces in place for you to enjoy healthy ageing and all that life has to offer. 

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